Court Order Aims to Unmask Kodi TVAddons Operator

Dish Network is hopping mad over TVAddons, the Kodi plugin finder, and the satellite TV service is attempting to sue. The problem for Dish is that the people behind the TVAddons domain have done a reasonable job of concealing their identities. So a court order is aiming to unpick that anonymity. Read More >>

Netflix to Sense8 Fans: Nope, We Aren’t Bringing It Back

You’ve heard this one before. A show with a passionate fanbase gets abruptly cancelled, so fans respond with floods of letters, props, and Twitter pleas. Sometimes they get what they want. Star Trek, Quantum Leap, and just recently Timeless were all brought back from the brink thanks to fan campaigns. But Sense8, Netflix’s recently cancelled orgy of violence, sex, love, and unabashedly wonderful queerness, will not be meeting the same fate. Read More >>

We’ve Got More Details About Stranger Things’ New Monster

The last few days have revealed a number of details about the monster we saw menacing Hawkins in the season two Stranger Things trailer—including what sounds like the ominous name the cast used for it on the set. Read More >>

Kodi Boxes Are Coming Under Fire For Plugins That Enable Copyright Infringement

Authorities across the world are increasingly taking action over Kodi media streaming hardware which is being sold on eBay and other sites. These boxes are pre-loaded with Kodi and a set of plugins that allow users to watch live video or movies and TV shows, all without paying a penny. Read More >>

BBC to Stream its Election Debates on Twitter

Twitter's notorious echo chamber will be reverberating louder than ever tonight, as the BBC is to stream video of the first of its election debates through the social network. Read More >>

Netflix App Starts Blocking Rooted Android Users

Streaming giant Netflix is infuriating the hardcore Android users of the world right now, after an updated version of its app for Google phones started stating that it will no longer work for users of mobiles running rooted or aftermarket bootloader unlocked versions of the Android OS. Read More >>

Get Ready to Start Logging Into BBC iPlayer

The BBC has announced that everyone who uses BBC iPlayer will have to start logging in within the next few weeks. Read More >>

The First Look at Hulu’s Runaways Is Full of Angsty Teens With Terrible Parents

The Defenders trailer gave you a team of foul-mouthed adults with bad coping skills, and now the first look Runaways are its lighter teen equivalent. Less binge drinking, similar amounts of angst, and a whole lot more mommy and daddy issues. Also, one of these kids is clearly an outspoken feminist. Read More >>

Well, We May Have an Answer About Which Side Elektra Will Take in The Defenders

We’ve known for a while that Elektra (Elodie Young) will be making an appearance on The Defenders, but exactly what that will mean for the show has been something of a mystery. A very short teaser released by Marvel and Netflix has a bit more of an answer. Read More >>

Amazon’s The Tick TV Show Premieres on August 25th

Citizens of the world, I say to you: get hype! The new Tick TV show starring Peter Serafinowicz starts airing on Amazon Prime this summer. Read More >>

All 4’s Terrible Ads Are About To Start Saying Your Name Out Loud

Channel 4 catch up service All 4 already has the worst ads of all the streaming platforms, and they're about to get even worse. Read More >>

The Competition May Be Catching Up With Netflix

Netflix issued its first quarter user gains report to investors today and the fact that it fell short of user growth estimates caused a brief drop in the streaming giant’s stock price. It blamed the lackluster growth on one thing: no House of Cards-style blockbusters. But in reality, Netflix is probably waking up to the crowded streaming landscape. Read More >>

Netflix’s Defenders Assemble on August 18th

A new viral teaser for Marvel and Netflix’s big crossover has just confirmed that we’ve got another four months until Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Danny Rand start teaming up: because The Defenders is coming August 18th. Read More >>

The Godzilla Anime Movie Sounds Like a Totally Wild Scifi Epic

The first animated entry into the Japanese Godzilla canon is going buck wild, it seems. We already had hints that it wasn’t just going to be your standard kaiju movie thanks to the out-of-this-world concept art, but a newly revealed synopsis teases just how out there the movie is going to get. Read More >>

The Most NSFW Site to Stream Every Star Wars Movie Is Pornhub

As far as accidental comedy goes, few things beat watching a PG-rated Disney film on a site with the ads for penis enlargement guides and “Tinder for MILFs.” And while I didn’t specifically seek out Pornhub or 2014's animated adventure Big Hero 6 today, both came into view thanks to the Reddit community r/FullMoviesOnPornhub. Read More >>