Dodgy Kodi Add-on Developers Jump Ship After Legal Threats

Another day, another story about how rights holders are getting even more serious about dealing with the problem of Kodi boxes and the streaming piracy facilitated through a variety of unofficial add-ons. To the point now that some add-on developers have called it a day after receiving legal threats. Read More >>

All 4 Accounts Will be Mandatory From Next Year

You know how the BBC decided everyone needed an account before they could watch iPlayer, for reasons of personalisation? Channel 4 clearly feels the same way, and has announced that All 4 accounts will be mandatory from next year. The reason being personalising your adverts, and some other stuff. Read More >>

Hollywood Has Been Lobbying Lawmakers Against Kodi Boxes in the US

Streaming boxes, like those running Kodi, are the new popular way of pirating things. To the point where rights holders are doing their very best to ensure that the entire business dies - or at the very least stops being so widespread. So it's no surprise that the MPAA has been lobbying members of the US Congress about the issue. Read More >>

Amazon Is Reportedly Bringing Advert-Supported TV to Prime Video

Commercial interruptions just will not die. The birth of streaming television has given us a merciful respite from the mind-numbing advert breaks that finance terrestrial TV. But you can’t keep a bad thing down, and Amazon is reportedly developing an advertising-supported, free version of its popular Prime video service. Read More >>

Amazon’s New Lord of the Rings Series Will Feature ‘Previously Unexplored Stories’

After weeks of reports and rumours about Amazon and Warner Bros. negotiating over the possibility of a Lord of the Rings television series, Amazon has finally announced that Frodo and the gang are definitely coming back. Read More >>

Disney Will Bring an All-New Marvel Show to Its Streaming Service in 2019

Our minds are still blown by today’s news that a brand-new Star Wars trilogy is in the works—as well as a live-action Star Wars TV show. But the latter won’t be the only lure when Disney rolls out its subscription streaming service in 2019. There’ll also be an exclusive new Marvel show. Read More >>

Disney Promises its Streaming Service Will be ‘Substantially Cheaper’ Than Netflix

Netflix's latest price hike hasn't sat well with a lot of people, even though its base model is the same price as its closest rival Amazon Prime (albeit without the high resolution options). It's the kind of thing that gives people concern that every company under the sun is wanting to launch their own streaming channel, so they can claim a slice of that cash cow. Read More >>

Sony and Warner Are Taking TuneIn to Court Over Copyright Infringement in the UK

Streaming is the new cool way to pirate stuff, and while most people would automatically think of video streaming there are audio pirates out there. Case in point, Sony and Warner have both decided to sue digital radio service TuneIn over 800 unlicensed streams that supposedly let people listen to copyrighted material in the UK. Read More >>

The Latest Netflix Price Hike Pushed Me Over the Edge

This morning, after about five clicks over the course of 10 seconds, I cancelled my Netflix membership. The company had started notifying people of its latest price increase——and I just couldn’t do it any more. In fact, price hike in mind, you should ask yourself if you need to keep paying for Netflix. It’s not as special as it used to be. Read More >>

Netflix Reportedly Severs Ties With Kevin Spacey, Effective Immediately

Days after halting production on the sixth and final season of House of Cards, Netflix has reportedly opted to cut star Kevin Spacey loose immediately amid allegations the actor sexually assaulted actor Anthony Rapp while Rapp was 14 years old. Read More >>

The BBC is Going to Stream Another 1,000 Hours of Live Sport Each Year

There is a lot of live sport going on in the world. Countless sports, with even more teams, all competing together for whatever coveted title is at the top of their respective league tables. There's so much that a lot of it doesn't get the chance to be broadcast, though the BBC's pledge to stream a further 1,000 hours of live sport every year means there'll be more on offer than ever before. Read More >>

Kodi-Style IPTV Piracy Generates More Traffic Than Torrents, Which Isn’t a Surprise

Torrenting isn't easy. Well it is when you know how to do it, but finding a decent site that hosts decent torrents is always a challenge - particularly in recent years. The rise in dodgy IPTV streams, particularly those from unofficial Kodi add-ons (and similar things) makes piracy a cinch though. So it's hardly a surprise to learn that IPTV streaming generates more internet traffic than torrenting. Read More >>

Netflix Announces End of House of Cards Following Allegations Against Kevin Spacey

As allegations have surfaced that actor Kevin Spacey made a sexual advance on Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp when he was just 14 years old, Netflix has announced that it will bring House of Cards, its first original scripted show, to an end. Read More >>

YouTube MP3 Converters Have Blocked UK Traffic, Apparently to Avoid Trouble

Despite the protests of the EFF, there are still people out there (particularly rights holders) who have an issue with sites designed to rip audio from YouTube videos. After the closure of YouTube-MP3 earlier this year, the RIAA promised action would be taken against a number of other, including MP3Juices.cc and YtMp3.cc. Read More >>

Sky Sports Kodi Streamer Made Example of With £16k Fine

A Sky subscriber who streamed his precious sporting stuff to a wider audience via the internet and those hot potato Kodi boxes has been hit with a large fine for doing so, with the high court asking him to pay Sky around £16,000 by way of an apology for rebroadcasting its live streams. Read More >>