This Video Streaming Breakthrough Could Lead to Smart Glasses You Might Actually Want to Wear

One of the many inconveniences that doomed wearable products like Google Glass and Snap’s Spectacles was the need to charge them every night. Streaming video and data requires a lot of power, and that takes a tremendous toll on a tiny battery. But engineers at the University of Washington say they’ve found a way to stream hi-def video that uses 10,000 times less power than current technologies. Read More >>

£1.4 Million Allegedly Stolen From Cryptocurrency Vlogger in the Middle of His Livestream

Ian Balina, a popular cryptocurrency evangelist, was in the midst of a standard livestream on his YouTube channel on Sunday night when a viewer asked, “Ian, did you know that somebody transferred all your tokens from your account?” With $2 million (£1.4 million) worth of cryptocurrency gone from his wallet, Balina claims he was hacked. But the strangeness of the situation has the community questioning his story. Read More >>

Looks Like Amazon May Be Making That Dark Tower TV Series After All

Call it coincidence, call it ka, but there’s now an even bigger hint a Dark Tower television series is in development for Amazon. Read More >>

Netflix is Giving Up on the Cannes Film Festival Altogether

A few weeks ago Cannes Film Festival announced that it wouldn't be allowing Netflix to compete for the Palme d'Or anymore. The streaming service had been allowed to compete last year, apparently in the hopes that it would begin releasing some of its films to cinemas, but Netflix made it clear that was never on the cards. Now the streaming service has confirmed it won't be attending Cannes at all. Read More >>

Music Sales Growing as Fast as When it Was Good

The BPI has released its annual mega-dump of stats covering the previous year's UK music industry, with this latest batch of numbers saying all sort of interesting things. Like that the income of UK labels is growing as fast as it was during the Britpop era, that streaming revenues have overtaken physical sales at last, and that men in their 40s are still rebuying everything they used to like on vinyl because they haven't got anything better to do or talk about on Facebook. Read More >>

Last Year’s Most Popular Digital Rental in the US is a Surprising Film

In a change-up that acknowledges the reality of the business it’s in, the MPAA has included a breakdown of the home entertainment market in its latest annual box office report. Topping both the DVD/Blu-ray and digital rentals charts for 2017 in the US is Ben Affleck’s weird-ass action hero/math savant flick The Accountant. Read More >>

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Show Can Use ‘Materials’ From the Movies, Whatever That Means

When Amazon spent $250 million to acquire the rights to make a Lord of the Rings show, we assumed it would be a completely new version of the J.R.R. Tolkien story as compared to the popular Peter Jackson film series. And yet, a new report has us wondering whether or not the two will be connected. Read More >>

UK-Based IPTV Provider ACE TV Has Given Up in the Face of Legal Pressure

Here in the UK Kodi-based streaming boxes are incredibly popular, so popular that there have been over two million of the things sold here in the two years prior to September 2017. Media attention also means lots of people are clued into the fact premium content is easily and freely accessible online. That also explains why IPTV usage is on the rise, especially since services offer massive amounts of content for less money than it would take to consume them legitimately. Read More >>

Microsoft is Giving Away the First Episode of Superman Prequel Krypton Absolutely Free

DC seems to love its television prequels, and the latest addition to the roster is Syfy's Krypton. While most people might have wondered why we needed yet another Superman prequel, it turns out the series is quite good. While the series has started airing in the US, there doesn't seem to be any news of who will be broadcasting it here in the UK. While it's almost guaranteed to be Sky, nothing's been announced which means we're missing out on the legitimate consumption methods. Read More >>

From Sunday You Can Watch UK Netflix and Other Streamable Content While Abroad, All Thanks to the EU

A few years ago the EU made a big fuss about the difference in streaming content availability in its respective member states, and decided it wanted to do something about it. At the time a ban on geo-blocking was suggested, but it turns out the EU went with an idea similar to that suggested by Lib Dem MP Vince Cable with rules to make your home content 'portable'. Read More >>

Cannes Film Festival Has Banned Netflix From Competing for the Palme d’Or

It's no secret that Netflix isn't very popular in some circles. While there's the attitude that a lot of its original films are studio rejects offloaded to avoid the hassle of cinema distribution, it still has a number of incredible films that were exclusively available on the service - never making their way to cinemas. For that very reason, those films are now banned from competing for the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Read More >>

Monty Python is Coming to Netflix Next Month

The sextext known only as 'Monty Python' is responsible for some of the best British comedy ever made, whether that be on TV, film, or stage. While their time as a group is now over, it's about to become a lot easier to enjoy their collected works at home. Because pretty much everything they've done is coming to Netflix in the UK on 15th April. Read More >>

Netflix Creates it Own Font to… Save Money

Netflix has created a font all of its own — Netflix Sans — and one of the reasons why might make you say "oh, that's interesting" and have a little think about what goes on behind the scenes of our beloved media giants. Read More >>

Leaks Show How Many People Gave Amazon Money to Watch The Grand Tour, and Other Original Shows

It's no secret that streaming services don't operate the same way as traditional TV broadcasters, especially where viewing data is concerned. While TV networks regularly publish viewing figures for the world to analyse, the likes of Netflix and Amazon do not for whatever reason. We've had a glimpse into some data in the past, but never anything comprehensive. Well until now, thanks to some leaked data from Amazon's Prime Video. Read More >>

Netflix Boldly Streams Where No Site has Streamed Before

Netflix is available in 190 different countries, which is basically everywhere except North Korea, Crimea, Syria, China. Even Antarctica has Netflix, for all those bored scientists, explorers, and penguins. Three of those four countries can't ever get Netflix because of US sanctions, and expanding into China might be difficult. But you know where Netflix can expand to? Space. Read More >>