Earth Has Many More Rivers and Streams Than We Thought, New Satellite Study Finds

Rivers and streams cover much more of the planet than geologists previously estimated, according to a new study published in Science. In total, this new estimate shows that, excluding land with glaciers, Earth is covered by just under 300,000 square miles (773,000 square kilometres) of rivers and streams. That’s more square footage than the state of Texas, and it’s as much as 44 percent higher than previous counts. Read More >>

Spotify Pays 0.00429p Per Stream

Think you're doing a good thing for your favourite artist by legitimately and legally listening to their latest release through a streaming service? Chances are it's not going to be contributing much to their drug/art/car kitty, or even paying for a coffee bean, as new analysis of the payouts of the major streaming providers show that Spotify is paying out as little as 0.00429p per stream. That's way less than the cost of a peanut. Read More >>

Paid Subscription Swapping is the New Music Piracy

New stats into the popularity of Spotify in the UK claim that 14 per cent of the population has a paid account with the service, with around 10 per cent of people currently using a paid subscription to a service doing so via the borrowed credentials of a friend or family member. That's a new kind of stealing, like having a lick of someone else's Solero when you're only supposed to be holding it while they retrieve the frisbee. Read More >>

The Plan to Make California Wet By Bringing Back Beavers

Ending the drought in the West will require rain—not too much rain—and smarter ways to collect and store that water. But something else that can keep things moist? Believe it or not: Beavers. Read More >>

Amazon Prime Instant Video App Very Nearly Ready for Android Users

An Amazon spokesman claims an Android app for its Instant Video service is on the way, claiming the launch of a standalone streaming tool for Google-powered devices is "imminent." The same chap also said Amazon's now shooting all of its in-house TV offerings at 4K resolution for ultra-HD future streams. [PC Advisor via Android Authority] Read More >>

Spotify Will Make Bands Rich One Day, it Promises

Spotify has opened a new stats-heavy web site designed to be read by the world's music artists and industry types, hoping to convince the likes of Thom Yorke that it can pay bands enough cash to fund all their bizarre rider requests and secret habits and hobbies. Read More >>

Japan Testing 4K Video Streams Through the Internet

Imagine how rubbish your internet's going to be when all your neighbours and their kids are streaming films in 4K all evening on their TVs and laptops. That's the scenario being tested in Japan right now, where one network is bunging 4K content to its subscribers down a standard broadband connection. Read More >>

Premier League Shut Down Over 30,000 Illegal Footie Streams

According to the BBC, the Premier League had quite the task on its hands over the past year, as they had more than 30,000 illegal streams of matches to deal with, which appears to be around more than 75 streams per game broadcasting over the internet last season. That's quite a lot of streams! Read More >>