London Street Art Covered By Anti-Gentrification Rant

The relentless march of gentrification has annoyed one Londoner enough that they've covered a really quite lovely street art mural with a badly-spaced rant. Read More >>

How a Street Artist Secretly Painted an Urban-Scale Mural in Cairo

All over the world street artists have become famous by surreptitiously adding swabs of paint or wheatpaste to city walls. But the most remarkable thing about a new mural in Cairo is not only its size — it covers about 50 buildings — it’s that the artist managed to do it in a place that’s not known for encouraging creative expression. Read More >>

How Maths Geeks Almost Doxxed Banksy

Describing graffiti as a “minor terrorism-related act,” researchers from Queen Mary University of London have used a technique developed for crime-fighting to tag the identity of a Banksy, a highly prolific but secretive street artist. The system could thwart more serious crimes, but its use in outing an anonymous artist shows the potential for abuse. Read More >>

Is Banksy a Woman? Watch This Documentary and See What You Think

As bored as you might be with the breathless coverage of Banksy and his "takeover of New York," there might be one reason to try and catch Banksy Takes New York, the HBO documentary on the street artist if you can. Over at CityLab, Kriston Capps has an intriguing theory after watching the film: Banksy is a probably a woman. Read More >>

Animated GIFs Have Finally Invaded Street Art

If you had to pinpoint one single reason the internet became such an integral part of our day-to-day lives, the obvious answer would be animated GIFs. They're what make staring at a screen all day long completely worth your morning commute. But now, a couple of artists have finally found a way to put animated GIFs anywhere you'd usually expect to see graffiti. Read More >>

These Photorealistic Stencils Make Banksy Look Like an Amateur

If you visit the elementary school in Terracina, Italy, you're going to be a little bit tripped it out. As of a month or two ago, several small children appear to be standing sideways on the building's façade. But obviously, children cannot defy gravity. They're actually the latest creation of a street artist named Strøk. Read More >>

This Nifty Tool Turns Google Street View Into a Graffiti Time Machine

Graffiti may be ephemeral, but then there's Google Street View with its all-seeing camera. Inspired by Google's recent move to let users go back in time in Street View, Brian Foo at the New York Public Library Labs thought he could make us look at street graffiti from a new perspective—through time. Read More >>

Why the Panthéon is Covered in Black-and-White Faces

For the past two years, the Panthéon in Paris has been undergoing a renovation, its signature dome wrapped in a cute little plastic hat. This week, the 1790 structure revealed an art installation to tide tourists and residents over until the work is complete: thousands of black-and-white faces covering its marble surfaces. Read More >>

Banksy Says Something About Surveillance or Whatever in GCHQ’s Home Town

Say-what-everyone's-thinking street cartoonist Banksy has stuck one of his stencils up in Cheltenham, home of the UK's surveillance division GCHQ. The "art" shows three spies listening in to a phone box, in a particularly obvious statement on today's surveillance society hot potato. What next for the satirical street genius? Obama with an Anonymous mask atop his head screwing up a CCTV camera? [Street Art News] Read More >>

Clever Photoshop Street Art is “Erasing” London

Have you ever walked down the street wishing you could erase the ugly billboards and other urban detritus? These Photoshop-themed street stickers posted around London may be the closest you'll ever get. Read More >>

12 Hand-Painted Murals Brought to Life as Animated GIFs

Even if you've never heard of INSA, you've probably seen his work—the British street artist has designed signature collections for everyone from Nike to Kid Robot. But his latest work is a little bit more immortal: INSA's making GIFs. Read More >>

Tour a Secret Art Show Inside a Condemned NYC Apartment Building

Last week, as New York City suffered through blistering cold temperatures, 43 street artists were secretly painting three entire floors of a soon-to-be-demolished apartment building. We got to visit during an exclusive, two-hour show on Friday night. Read More >>

Street Artist Takes Over Derelict Petrol Station with Brilliant Results

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to live in cartoon, consider visiting Limerick, Ireland—where a street artist recently turned a broken down petrol station into a full-fledged colour party. Read More >>

Magical NeverWet Street Art Only Appears When It Rains

Remember NeverWet, that incredibly amazing spray-on substance that keeps things from getting wet? Turns out it's great for making street art that stays invisible until it rains. Read More >>

7 Street Art Stencils That Interact With Their Surroundings

Paris-based street artist ABOVE is known for weaving stencil paintings into the surrounding streetscape to create images that border on optical illusions. Traveling the world to make art that comments on social and political issues, ABOVE keeps an eye out for situations where real world and painted image can interact, with results that are playful, head-scratching and haunting. Read More >>