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Hadouken! Flamethrower Gloves Let You Blast Street Fighter Fireballs With Every Punch

Hacker Allen Pan built a pair of custom gloves featuring a butane dispenser, parts from an electric arc lighter, and a motion sensor that automatically trigger a terrifying blast of fire with every detected punch. Read More >>

Cat Fighter II Needs to Be Real

Forget Street Fighter, we need Cat Fighter II, where our furry feline friends battle it out, throwing whirly kicks, hadoukens, and beating up massive balls of yarn. Whichever next-gen console bags Cat Fighter II as an exclusive, wins. Period. [YouTube via Kotaku] Read More >>

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This Is What It’s Like To Play Street Fighter Using Real Fireballs

There is a dream harboured by everyone who grew up playing Street Fighter. In that dream you put your wrists together, shove them forward, shout "Hadouken!" and a giant fireball flies through the air. Last night, that dream came true. Read More >>

A Desk Fan Is Your Heat-Wave-Survival-Tool Deal of the Day

Well, we waited months for summer to pitch up and now that it's finally here, let's be honest, it's a bit... warm, isn't it? Not that we're pining for sleet but the heat is fairly oppressive and it's making us sweat. Read More >>