Smart Modular Roadways Could Ping Workers When They Need to be Replaced

Autonomous vehicles get all the glory in our ideal transportation future, but they’re gonna need somewhere to drive. Our streets are seriously lagging, technology-wise. Enter smart roadways that can alert crews when they need to be repaired — and then can be swapped out as easily as Lego bricks Read More >>

Please Don’t Ever Make the “Hashtag” Finger Gesture

You know that "quote" thing people do in the air with their fingers? There's a move afoot to introduce a similar thing for illustrating Twitter hashtags, letting fashionable media types add a "hashtag" to their conversation without actually having to say the word. Read More >>

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This Is How Artists Draw All That Amazing 3D Street Chalk Art

Ever see how they draw those forced perspective drawings that look three-dimensional from a specific angle? This time lapse video of Chris Carlson drawing Mario jumping over a NES gamepad shows how it's done. Pretty awesome. [Yababoon via Stuff I Stole via The Daily What] Read More >>

The Best Street Art of the Year

Good art exists in more places than just galleries. Street Art Utopia has a huge collection of the best street art of 2011, with over 106 different pictures documenting everything from Facebook cigarettes to Lego to 3D street art to your art on a wall. Read More >>

Kinect Realises Millions of Fantasies by Putting Kids Inside Sesame Street

Sesame Street was instrumental in teaching generations of screen-bound children how to count and learn the alphabet. So it's only natural that kids would want to get inside that world, right? Microsoft's done it, and it's gonna make kids scream. Read More >>