Amazon Workers Plan to Strike on Prime Day

Employees at Amazon’s now-infamous Shakopee, Minnesota, warehouse – the first of the famously anti-union retailer’s locations to stage a walkout in the U.S. – is planning a strike next week to coincide with Prime Day, the company’s invented shopping holiday. Read More >>

Northern Rail Network Asked Not to Bin its Guards

The crisis of the day on the rail network is another admin nightmare for the Northern franchise, which has been told to back down on its plans to run services with only a driver onboard. Read More >>

UK Amazon Staff Plan Black Friday Protests

Amazon factory humans allied with the GMB union are staging a series of protests on the retailer's biggest day of the year, with packaging staff set to stage a walkout on Black Friday, the holiest of all days in the internet shopping calendar. Read More >>

Ryanair Says No to Strike Cancellation Compensation

This week's Ryanair strike that saw as many as 600 flights cancelled across Europe and perhaps 100,000 travellers having their flights axed is not the end of the nightmare for company bosses, as it's now embroiled in a battle to avoid having to pay out compulsory compensation to all 100,000 binned-off passengers. Read More >>

Hundreds of Flights Cancelled as Ryanair Staff Refuse to Fly Ryanair

Next week's insane summer holiday getaway disaster scenario is going to be even more miserable than usual for some, thanks to a Ryanair strike causing hundreds of flights to be cancelled across Europe. Read More >>

11 McDonald’s Workers Are on Strike Today

Burger chain McDonald's is being hit by strike action in the UK today, although it's unlikely any customers are likely to be too inconvenienced come feeding time as just 11 staff across the nation are joining in with the action. Read More >>

NHS Nurses Line up Ballot to Push for Future Strikes

The Royal College of Nursing is taking its members into new territory with the threat of strike action in the future, with a vote on the possibility of strikes winning a large majority. Read More >>

Trident Managers Set for Two 48-Hour Strikes

Workers at the UK's Atomic Weapons Establishment have voted to take two 48-hour strikes, as disagreements about the usual stuff like boring old pension provisions rumble on. It's only mildly worrying that these are the people who polish and check the fuses on the UK's Trident nuclear defence system. Read More >>

Brighton and Hove Albion Tries to End Neverending Rail Strike

The big battle between railway franchise Southern and the RMT Union that represents some of its staff is still besieging the expensive bit of the country with rail strikes, but help might be at hand. Brighton and Hove Albion wants to broker peace talks so men can get to the football a bit easier when the trains go back on again. Read More >>

Tube Strike Weekend: Even TfL Doesn’t Know Which stations Will be Open

People outside of London will be pleased to hear that there's another tube strike on the way to inconvenience the workers of the capital, and this time it's going to be even less fun for those affected -- as there's no prediction of which lines, stations and services will be disrupted. Read More >>

Transport Strikes May Boost Economy as People Find Better Ways of Getting Around

Men of science who have been looking into the effects of London's recent tube strikes claim they may end up having a positive effect on the economies of the future, as lessons learned by commuters could result in more efficient travelling in years to come. Read More >>

Today’s London Tube Strike: Everything You Need to Know

London's tube workers are out on strike again today, and with rain forecast, it's  potentially going to be a wet and miserable slog for city folk to get to their internet desks. So what's it all about this time and how are you going to get from [affordable housing area] to [central working area] now? Read More >>

London Tube Strike Wheel of Misfortune Says… Maybe in July

Members of the RMT trade union that looks after the interests of London's Underground workers are once again facing a ballot on possible strike action, raising the menace of a lovely mid-summer shutdown of the tube network. Read More >>

London Faces Another Tube Strike Over Breath Test Sacking

Members of the RMT union have voted to call another tube strike in London, one that's been triggered by the sacking of one member of staff for failing a breath test before going on duty last year. Read More >>

It’s ALL OUT Again for London Tube Workers Next Week Again

London's rail union has agreed to a new two-day strike being held, with the Underground set to be crippled somewhat for two days next week. Don't expect to have any fun whatsoever if you need to travel on London's tube lines between 9.00pm on Tuesday and 9.00pm on Thursday, when staff have been told not to come in. This one's over ticket office closures. [BBC] Read More >>