China Plans Crackdown on Funeral Strippers

The Chinese Ministry of Culture is preparing an attack on the bizarre habit of inviting strippers to funerals in the country, a move intended to bolster the apparent popularity of the deceased by ensuring more people turn up to mourn. Surely a well-stocked buffet is just as effective? Read More >>

Man Rumbled Flirting with GTA Online Stripper

Oh yes, girl, oh yes he did. This awful clip supposedly features audio taken from GTA Online, in which a player is recorded chatting away to one of the game's many willing CG lapdancers. He is feeling it. He is really feeling it. Metaphorically. Read More >>

Google Glass Banned
google glass
It’s Probably Safe to Say That No Strip Club, Casino, or Cinema Will Let You In With Google Glass Strapped to Your Face

Yeah, some bars might be grabbing free publicity from pre-emptively banning Google Glass, but that's just silly. Mind you, wherever you're not allowed to take photos, don't bet on being let in with the camera-equipped Google Glass adorning your pretty face. Read More >>