Pot Noodle’s Limited Edition XL Pot for Freshers is the Stuff of Nightmares

Pot Noodle is feeding into the student stereotype hard with its limited edition XL nightmare pot, dubbed a "communal Pot Noodle". Read More >>

Greggs is About to be Flooded by Students Claiming Their Free Sausage Roll

The student-friendly parts of the internet are on fire today, because someone, reading the Greggs terms and conditions, discovered that people with student cards can acquire free sausage rolls alongside their meal deal purchases. Read More >>

Spotify Now Gives Students A Free Subscription To A Mental Health App

If you've got a Spotify Premium For Students subscription, you now get a freebie: a subscription to meditation, mindfulness and happiness app Headspace. Read More >>

Does a Time Capsule Blasted Into Space Have a Better Chance at Surviving 100 Years?

To help celebrate the school’s 200-year anniversary, students at the University of Michigan have decided to build a time capsule. Boring, right? Not exactly. Instead of burying it, which would inevitably lead to its contents rotting away, the students want to blast it into space where it will orbit the earth for 100 years, potentially giving it a better chance at surviving. Read More >>

Universities to Offer Two-Year Degrees That Still Cost the Same

The government's educational people have had an idea about how to make the prospect of university more appealing to some -- getting it all over and done quicker. Universities will soon be allowed to offer full degree courses that can be completed in just two years instead of the usual three, letting the youth get out of education and into low-paid service jobs for overseas tech unicorns that use nothing they've just learned even quicker. Read More >>

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The Best Gadgets and Gear for Students

It's September, which means a few things. The onset of autumn, kids heading back to school, football, and students packing up boxes and heading to university. Obviously two of those have happened, autumn is a couple of weeks off, but the students are just about ready to start collecting those degrees. Read More >>

Marking Software and Dodgy Writing Could Harm Students’ Exam Scores

An examiners’ report from the almost-certainly terrifying people on the AQA exam board has suggested that students’ scores could actually be harmed by dodgy writing and the shortcomings of their own marking methods. Read More >>

University of Greenwich Cock-Up Posts Very Personal Student Details Online

The University of Greenwich could be hit with multi-million-pound fines after posting the extremely personal details of hundreds of its students online. Names, addresses, dates of birth, mobile phone numbers and signatures were all available through the university's website, and could be found through a Google search. Read More >>

This Fold-Up, Collapsible Linen Wardrobe is Perfect for Student Digs

Moving out for the first time isn't easy -- you've got year's worth of stuff to condense down into a manageable state and, with both rental and house prices rising all the time, there's no guarantee you'll be settled in the same spot for very long anyway. Storage becomes an issue -- is it worth investing in big furniture if you're only going to have to shift it about a few months later down the line? Read More >>

How Design Fan Fiction Became One of the Internet’s Favourite Games

The redesign. It's a word that's only entered our lexicon in earnest over the past year or two, thanks to the hundreds of products reinvented by designers who don't work for the companies that make them. When did it become so cool to do free work for major corporations? The answer is since internet. Read More >>

Lancaster Uni Plans Spot Fines for Drunk Students

There's a sense of unease among student drinkers at Lancaster University's Lonsdale College, where university bosses have announced plans for a £200 spot fine for drunkenness along with a £250 fine for being seen buying a drink for someone who's clearly already a bit far gone. Read More >>

Police Filmed Trying to Recruit Cambridge Student as Undercover Supergrass

Cambridge police have been rumbled trying to spy on the "student-union type stuff" that goes on within Cambridge University, after a student secretly filmed a policeman trying to recruit him to grass on his political student friends. Read More >>

The Good News is Students are Reading Their Books; the Bad News is They’re Pirating Loads of ’em

Research into the piracy of digital coursework books for students has found that levels of illegal sharing are ridiculously high, with nearly three-quarters of the educational ebooks researchers looked for easily discoverable on file-sharing networks. Read More >>

A Trip to Mars Will Turn Astronauts Into Lazy Students

While you've been out living your life in the sunshine and open air, scientists watched as six men willingly spent 520 days locked in windowless, steel tubes inside a Moscow warehouse. Results: this group, once cream of the astronaut crop, morphed into sluggish, unmotivated dudes. Read More >>

YouTube is Top “Brand” Among the Students — Greggs Only 19th

Google's online video sharing service has been voted the top international brand by the UK youth, with a representative sample of the nation's 18 to 24-year-olds picking it ahead of the likes of Apple, Facebook and the rest of the fashionable online crowd. Read More >>