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Experience the Growth of Studio Ghibli In This Beautiful Montage

Studio Ghibli has, as a whole, one of the most impressive and beautiful libraries of any film studio in history. In one montage, see how the studio’s ideas and style have taken shape over its history. Read More >>

Former Ghibli Producer Details the Large Amount of Work That Goes Into Creating a Movie

Studio Ghibli’s films are legendary for multiple reasons, one of course being the gorgeous animation, much of it hand drawn. Even in the 21st century, when most studios were using CGI to create feature-length films, Hayao Miyazaki, for example. went back to traditional styles for his 2008 film Ponyo.  Read More >>

Film4 is Showing (Nearly) Every Studio Ghibli Film

Didn't get the lavish Studio Ghibli Blu-ray box set for Christmas? It's OK, I feel your pain too -- £180 is a lot to drop. If you're pining for some Hayao Miyazaki magic though, Film4 has you covered. Kicking off at 1pm on March 28th with Spirited Away and running through until Sunday 12th April, the channel will be showing practically every feature film the masterful animation studio has produced. Read More >>

Finally, There’s a Studio Ghibli Hayao Miyazaki Blu-ray Box Set

Go give your peepers a polish -- your eyes are about to be in for the treat of a lifetime. After years of requests from fans, Studio Canal is finally to release a Blu-ray box set of films from the influential anime powerhouse Studio Ghibli. Read More >>

Studio Ghibli Might Quit Making Feature Films, Says Report

This summer, there's a new Studio Ghibli movie. According to one reported insider, it could be Ghibli's last. Read More >>