The Boys’ Critique of Megacorporations is Pretty Rich

Vought International, the American company that manages the entire country’s population of licensed superheroes in the world of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s The Boys, is a capitalistic leviathan with tentacles reaching into the worlds of law enforcement, the entertainment industry, the military, and a number of other major parts of general society. Sound familiar? Read More >>

Google’s Street Walkers Map Harry Potter’s Studio Tour Set

Google's latest bit of Street View capture work is a slightly odd choice, with the mapping team deciding to create a 360-degree version of the rebuilt Diagon Alley scene as made famous in the Harry Potter books. Read More >>

Google’s Piracy Takedown Requests Hit By… Takedown Request

The big movie studios are going after Google, asking the search giant to stop publishing links to the DMCA takedown requests it receives as these only add to the ways people can try to find copyrighted material. Read More >>

YouTube’s Launching a London-Based Studio to Make Your Cat Videos Look Even More Awesome

YouTube's stepping up your crummy videos to the next level. It's opening a studio in Google's office in Soho, London, that'll allow people to go in and commandeer some professional equipment, as well use and abuse some fully staffed editing suites. Ninja cat videos are never going have to looked so good. Read More >>