10 Infinitely More Depressing Days Than Blue Monday

This is nothing like the worst day of the year. This is the tailwind assisted, mostly downhill run to summer, warmer times, and the better days, if only because you don't have to turn your jumper arms the right way round every morning. Read More >>

Attention Sex Pests: No Trousers Tube Ride Returns for 2020

People who identify as A Bit Bonkers will be heading to London to demonstrate their wacky ways to the public next weekend, as the 11th annual No Trousers Tube Ride returns on January 12. Read More >>

Deliveroo Jumps on the Fancy Christmas Bauble Bandwagon With Food-Shaped Ornaments

Last year Subway made a few headlines by launching special Christmas Baubles filled with some of the chain's sandwich sauces. Then Just Eat released baubles that were literal onion bhajis, because that's not gross at all. This year Deliveroo is jumping on that bandwagon, but without the edible part. Read More >>

Lazy Modern People Can Have Pre-Carved Pumpkins Delivered

People lazy enough to have all their food delivered still vaguely warm and ready to cram into their mouths in gaps between heaving sobs may now skip another tedious part of modern life, as food-bringer Deliveroo is to sell a small number of ready-carved pumpkins – helping people who can't be bothered to at least look like they were, at some point in the recent past, a little bit bothered. Read More >>

French Inventor Brings Jaws Meme to Life by Making a Second Channel Crossing Attempt With a Bigger Boat

Franky Zapata is making the channel crossing attempt using his jetpack, but botched the landing on his refuelling boat halfway across. This time, he's going to get a bigger boat. Read More >>

Daredevil Becomes Umpteenth Man to Crash in the Sea

That man who tried to cross the Channel on his jetpack didn't die, but he did suffer a fate perhaps worse: massive public failure. Failure as #1 Google result for his name for all eternity. Failure on the local news. Read More >>

Jet-Powered Hoverboard Rider Plans Channel Crossing/Death Attempt

A French inventor, best known for creating the water-jet hoverboard that thrills tourists at posh holiday destinations, is about to attempt a modern assault on the Channel-crossing record; becoming the first person to do it on a jet-powered hoverboard. Read More >>

Daredevil’s Incredible Prison Fight Scene Isn’t Eligible for a Stunt Emmy for a Silly Reason

Time is everything, and it happens to be Daredevil’s worst enemy where the Emmys are concerned. Read More >>

If You Enjoyed Good Omens You Should Try and Hit the Escape Room While it’s Open

Today is the day the TV adaptation of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's Good Omens hits Amazon Prime Video, with all six episodes available for you to enjoy. If you've been outside you will know that Amazon is making a big push with its marketing. I've seen more bus and road ads for Good Omens than I have for Avengers: Endgame, which should tell you something. Of course no marketing strategy is complete without some sort of weird publicity stunt, and in this case Amazon put together an Escape Room in a recreation of the angel Aziraphale's book shop. Read More >>

Gentrified Spice Girls Bus Hits Airbnb

The current owner of the Spice Bus, as featured in baffling 90s film Spice World, has given it a modern refit, filled it up with soft furnishings that have flags on and say "Girl Power" everywhere, and is about to put it on Airbnb for fans to live out their wildest Spice Girls fantasies in. Well, their second or third wildest Spice Girls fantasies at least. Read More >>

OnePlus is Teasing Something Car Related, Like it’s Not an Obvious April Fool’s Joke

We're in a dangerous part of the year, where the so-called 'fake news' is actually real. Companies big and small are coming up with ways to try and trick people into thinking they're making products that aren't real. Even though April Fool's Day isn't until Monday, a bunch of them have already been announced. So far we've seen phones that claim to be able to tell the difference between vegan and non-vegan food, remote controls for dogs, and more. Read More >>

Bude Continues to Bleed Internet-Famous Supermarket Tunnel Dry

Sainsbury's and Bude are working together to ensure the fame won by the town's plastic car park tunnel lasts as long as possible, with the notorious plastic rain shield now kitted out with full decorations to turn it into a festive getting-to-your-car experience the likes of which we – and definitely the people of Bude – have never seen before. Read More >>

Kellogg’s Offloads Waste Cornflakes for Use in Craft Beer Industry

We know what you're doing here, Kellogg's. You're trying to take hold of the cereal news agenda to people stop talking about how much sugar they're eating for breakfast, aren't you? You want some feelgood news to pop up when the boss searches for "Kellogg's" in Google News today, don't you? Well here you go. They're making beer out of cornflakes. Ha ha. Well done. Very healthy. Beer. Mmm. Read More >>

Iceland Not Against Using Orangutans for Publicity Purposes Now

Iceland, international friend, spokesperson for and protector of the orangutans all of a sudden, has decided it's now a great idea to parade an orangutan around the UK's cities for our amusement, seeing as the fuss about the rebranded Greenpeace palm oil advert went significantly viral this week. But it's OK, no need to fire up in a rage; it's an animatronic orangutan. Read More >>

The ASA May Investigate Xiaomi’s £1 Flash Sale

At the end of last week, in conjunction with its UK launch, Chinese phone maker Xiaomi launched a sale that seemed too good to be true. It was offering some new smartphones for a mere £1, a story that got picked up by all sorts of people - including us. Turns out it may well have been too good to be true, and the Advertising Standards Authority has received at least one complaint about the promotion as a result. Read More >>