White £2k Creme Egg Remains Lost in Distribution Chain

Sorry to go mentioning easter in early May when you're trying to forget chocolate exists in order to fit in your video game t-shirts again, but it's to do with that white Creme Egg promotion. Cadbury says no one ever came forward to claim the £2k prize, so all of those ruined eggs that had their skins peeled back were rifled through in vain. Read More >>

Just Eat is Offering Free Catering to Anyone Getting Married on Royal Wedding Day

May 19th is a special day, because the people of Windsor are going to find it damn near impossible to do anything in the centre of their town. It's Royal Wedding day, and while the government was too stingy to give us an extra day off work so we can pretend to be royalists the pubs will be staying open late. Just Eat is also getting in on things with its latest publicity stunt, offering free catering to anyone getting married on 19th May. Read More >>

Unfortunate Post Box Incident Ruins Royal Mail’s Shakespearean Celebration

The Royal Mail has been pilloried by the witty ranks of people who comment on the internet, thanks to running a promotion to celebrate the birthday of Shakespeare in which it decorated a post box -- and got a modern day Romeo and Juliet pair to nuzzle in front of it. Read More >>

Would You Go Running More if a Man Carried a TV in Front of You?

The safe exercise environments provided by gym chain David Lloyd are testing a new motivational service, with one gym offering the chance to jog around for a bit while a man with a tablet strapped to his back stays in front -- letting you watch TV over the sounds of your gasping breath, exploding heart, and the voice in your head saying 'This can't really be good for me'. Read More >>

It’s Time To Talk About Dangerous Stunts On YouTube

It turns out that after you turn 30, life is basically just a series of reminders of how old and past it you are. The Olympics just becomes a parade of people who are younger, fitter and more successful than you. Listening to “new” music becomes discovering another album by that band you like from 2005. And perhaps most weirdly, clicking around YouTube becomes an exercise in radicalising yourself to become Helen Lovejoy of “Won’t somebody please think of the children!” fame. Read More >>

Thorpe Park’s Walking Dead Roller Coaster Uses Screams to Recharge Your Phone

At the end of last month Thorpe Park announced that it was rebranding one of its rollercoasters with a Walking Dead theme, creating the world's first rollercoaster based on a TV series that was based on a comic featuring zombies. Now the park has just announced that the ride will literally take on part of the plot of Monsters, Inc as well, by harvesting rider screams to recharge their phones. Read More >>

Woman Who Fatally Shot Boyfriend in YouTube Stunt Gone Wrong Gets 90 Days in Jail

Under a plea agreement, a YouTuber who shot her boyfriend in the chest during a filmed stunt last June will serve 90 days in jail. Read More >>

Praise the Corporate Christmas Overlords: They’re Letting You Win a Night in the Coca Cola Lorry

Some people say that the Coca Cola lorry is a Christmas icon, and that it wouldn't be Christmas without it. Others say it's a corporate attempt to take over Christmas, and encourages obesity in the process. Well the latter group won't like this very much, because Coca Cola is letting people win a night inside the iconic lorry. Read More >>

This is What Amazon Might Look Like if it Were a Real Shop

The other day Amazon revealed that it had opened up a pop-up store in London's Soho Square, to advertise all the black Friday deals people would be able to get their hands on this year. I went down to check it out for myself, and it's a brief glimpse into what Amazon might look like if it actually opened up a proper shop in the real world. Read More >>

Uh, This Flat Earther’s Homemade Manned Rocket Launch Does Not Sound Totally Advisable

61-year-old DIY enthusiast and stuntman “Mad” Mike Hughes is planning his first manned launch of a homemade, £16,000 steam-powered rocket with “RESEARCH FLAT EARTH” written on the side on Saturday, the Associated Press reported. Read More >>

John Lewis is Being Accused of Spoiling This Year’s Christmas Ad by Putting Toys Out Early

We now live in a society where everything is considered a spoiler. Whether it's Luke Skywalker climbing onto the Millennium Falcon, the fact Stranger Things features a guy called Bob who does something, or that Super Mario Odyssey has a tree in it. Whatever you say, someone, somewhere will declare that you just spoiled everything for them. Read More >>

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Watch 245 People Jump and Swing Off a Bridge Like a Giant Dangling Snake

No longer confined by the limitations of a printed book, the Guinness Book of World Records has infinitely expanded to include almost every kind of questionable achievement humanity can attempt. Even grabbing 244 friends, jumping off a bridge, and swinging by a rope is enough to gain you pseudo-fame—at least until 246 people try the same thing. Read More >>

Picadilly Circus’s New Screen Will Display Ads Based on the People and Cars Around It

George Orwell was very worried about governments abusing their power with mass surveillance, and right as he was to be concerned he never really considered the fact that private companies would be at it to. Not only do we get targeted ads following us around online, a brand new screen in London's Picadilly Circus is going to display adverts based on the people around it. Read More >>

Kids With Bizarre Names Win Free Entry to LegoLand

Legoland's UK office is handing out free tickets to both children and adults from next week, but there's a catch. The potential free visitors have to have names a little bit more unusual than Olivia or George. Read More >>