Seven Reasons Why Wearables Will Never, Ever Be Fashionable

It's been the tech buzzword for at least a year now. And yes, wearables can already help you get fit, interact with your phone via your wrist, spy on strangers and get you punched in bars. And that's great! Read More >>

We Need a Ubiquitous Share Icon

The share icon is broken. There are all manner of graphic elements designed to convey the action of sharing. But because we can't settle on a single design, most of us are left confused about what button to press in order to spread our love. Read More >>

Alleged KitKat 4.4 Images Show Flattened 2D-Style Android

Some images of what's alleged to be Android 4.4 appeared over the weekend, with screen captures of a phone supposedly running the new KitKat release giving us a look at what may be Google's ever-so-slightly redesigned new mobile OS. Read More >>

Wrangler’s New Jeans Are a Skin-Softening Spa in Your Pants

You've been thinking it for ages: What you really want your jeans to do is make your butt feel like it's just been lathered with lotion. Pine for these skin softening slacks no longer, because Wrangler has invented moisturising jeans. Read More >>

You Can Totally Afford a Birkin Bag—If It’s Made of Lego

The Hermes Birkin bag is the handbag holy grail. One costs as much as £100,000 and for years you'd have to sit on a lengthy waiting list just for the right to buy the pricey purse. The list no longer exists, but even if you're lacking an extra stack of cash you can have a Lego Birkin bag right now. Read More >>

This Pointy, Swivelling TV Was the 84-Inch 4K Flatscreen of Its Day

You're looking at the height of TV technology from the 1950s. Perhaps the most kitsch, retro object you've seen in a long time, the Kuba Komet was the 84-inch 4K flatscreen of its day -- and just as expensive. Read More >>

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How Technology and Fashion Made These Dresses Light Up Like a Starry Night

Chinese designer Vega Wang combined space-age styles with electroluminescent material to make Alpha Lyrae, an amazing line of gorgeous, glowing dresses. You can see them glow like nebula in the sky at a star-speckled site the Creators Project, Vice, and Intel just launched. Read More >>

Sometimes Watch: Awesome Accessory, Subpar at Telling Time

I don't wear a watch. I never have. If I did it would be more or less as a bracelet, but I dig the Sometimes Watch because it's just so simple and cool. Read More >>

The Pope Wears These Socks on Fishing Trips

A... friend... has always wondered what the pope wears on his day off because he can't wear that giant hat everywhere. Does he have a papal track suit? Holy but not holey jeans? White tees for the Holy See? This... friend asked the question when she visited the Vatican and was not given a conclusive answer. However, part of that puzzle has been solved by the Bureau of Trade, which is selling the luxe Gammarelli socks that ol' Benedict rocks on his feet. Read More >>

Microsoft Forcing App Makers to Remove References to “Metro”

Microsoft really is serious about getting us all to call "Metro" something like “Modern UI Style” from now on, with new advice telling app makers their titles won't gain approval for release if they have the word metro in their names. Read More >>

Yep, Jeans With a See-Through Pocket For Your Phone Sadly Do Exist

Humanity sadly takes a collective step backwards with Alphyn Industries' new DELTA415 Wearcom jeans that feature a zippered pocket with a see-through pouch for accessing your smartphone without having to remove it first. Read More >>

Ray-Ban Foldable Aviators Make the Slickest Shades Even Better

Ray-Bans are some of the best sunglasses. The styles of are timeless and the lenses are quality. And while there have been foldable Wayfarers for years, now the classic Ray-Ban Aviators have gotten the same treatment. Read More >>

Dress to Kill (Or Just Prick) With a Set of Pocket Knife Cufflinks

Looking like they were lifted from James Bond's accessories drawer, this set of working pocket knife cufflinks are the perfect not-so-concealed weapons for the aspiring spy. Or, anyone who hates finding a loose thread on their tuxedo. Read More >>

£1,200 Gets You Sneakers Made From Stingrays Customised Through Genetic Engineering

£1,200 is a lot of money to spend on a single pair of shoes. But a company called Rayfish Footwear has come up with a unique manufacturing process that's even more over-the-top than what it's charging for its creations: It's genetically-engineering stingrays for their skins. Read More >>

There’s Absolutely No Shame In Wearing Trousers With a Built-in Picnic Table

By adding a triangular patch of fabric to the crotch and a strategically oriented pocket on the side, the geniuses at Aquacalda have created these Pic Nic Pants—the perfect jeans for a complete dining experience wherever you choose to plop down. Read More >>