WWII Sub Rumoured to Have Taken Top Nazis to South America Found Off Danish Coast

In the dying days of World War II, a German sub was reportedly sunk near the Danish coast, but the wreck was never found, leading to speculation that high-ranking Nazi officials—even possibly Adolf Hitler himself—used the high-tech vessel to escape to South America. A museum in Denmark has finally found the missing U-boat, ending this 73-year-old mystery. Read More >>

Sunken Australian Submarine From WWI Finally Found After 103 Years

Just six weeks into the First World War, Australian submarine HMAS AE1 disappeared without a trace somewhere off the coast of New Guinea, marking the first time an allied sub had been lost in the conflict. Marine archaeologists have now discovered the historic wreck, ending a mystery that has endured for over a century. Read More >>

Search For Lost Argentine Submarine ARA San Juan Hits ‘Critical Phase’ as Air Supply May Run Out

The search for an Argentine Navy submarine lost with some 44 souls on board has reached a “critical phase,” a naval spokesman told Reuters, as the length of the seven-day search indicates the vessel is likely not on the surface and could be reaching the limits of its air supply. Read More >>

The Argentine Navy Is Missing an Attack Submarine With 44 Crew on Board

The ARA San Juan, an Argentine Navy diesel-electric attack submarine built in 1983, has been missing since November 15th with a crew of 44 sailors on board, CNN reported. Read More >>

Nuclear Subs Kept Running by Spare Part Cannabilism

The UK's nuclear-powered sub fleet is so hard up for money to spend on repairs it's relying on borrowing parts from across the fleet to stay operational, with the National Audit Office saying it found that 795 "equipment cannibalisation" incidents had taken place last year. Read More >>

boaty mcboatface
Boaty McBoatface Has Returned From Its Inaugural Mission With a Trove of Data

The world’s most famous yellow submarine has returned home after a successful mission to Antarctica’s Weddell Sea. Expedition organisers say Boaty McBoatface captured “unprecedented” data during its maiden voyage, analysing deep sea currents at depths exceeding 13,000 feet. Read More >>

boaty mcboatface
Boaty McBoatface Gets Set For Its First Antarctic Expedition

Later this week, an Antarctic expedition will set off to map the undersea currents that play a critical role in regulating our planet’s climate. To assist them, the scientists will use an autonomous submarine that was famously named Boaty McBoatface by the collective genius of the internet. Read More >>

UK Vulnerable to Giant Squid Attacks

Were some sort of leviathan from the deep to emerge and attack Britain's heritage coastline we would be powerless to stop it tearing our Victorian piers to shreds, as reports from inside the military say that the UK's entire fleet of attack submarines is currently out of action. Read More >>

A New Trident Sub Has Been Given a Famous Naval Name

To celebrate Trafalgar Day, The Ministry of Defence has revealed the name of the first of Britain's four new Trident submarines. Thankfully they didn't leave the naming to the internet, so it's called Dreadnought rather than the hilariously unoriginal Subby McSubFace. Read More >>

Undersea Cable-laying Work Finds Sunken WWI U-boat

A German U-boat thought to have been sunk by HMS Coreopsis back in 1918 has been discovered by a power company laying cables off the coast of Scotland. Read More >>

Sunken British Submarine Found Off the Coast of Denmark

On April 10, 1940, British submarine HMS Tarpon and its crew of 50 were sent to Norway to intercept Nazi merchant vessels. They were was never heard from again. Now, after 76 years, the sub has finally been found. An investigation of the remarkably well preserved vessel shows it didn’t go down without a fight. Read More >>

A British Nuclear Submarine Has Crashed Into a Merchant Vessel

A piece of news that everyone’s secretly slightly thrilled by has just emerged, concerning a heavyweight collision off the coast of Gibraltar. HMS Ambush, a British nuclear-powered submarine, managed to hit a merchant vessel while submerged at around 13.30 local time on Tuesday. Read More >>

DARPA’s New Autonomous Submarine-Hunter Could Change Naval Combat Forever

In 2010, DARPA announced it was creating an autonomous, submarine-hunting war machine that would be manned with exactly zero people. Now, that vehicle is ready for action. Read More >>

How to Learn to Control a Submarine Engine on Land

Learning to pilot a submarine is not straightforward. But these days, the US Navy doesn’t need to build as many large-scale physical simulators—because much of it can be achieved on-screen. Read More >>

This Bonkers Company Wants to Build Mobile Private Islands

Yachts are for chumps. People who really know how to spend their money get submersible yachts from Migaloo, a mysterious company that offers five different models of underwater palaces. But true evil villains just go for the Migaloo’s crown flagship: Kokomo Ailand. Read More >>