Google Adds to Our Subscription Nightmares With Google Play Pass

If you could sum up the decade in tech in one word, I'd probably choose 'subscriptions'. While the internet has helped free up time and money for many in some ways, subscriptions are tech companies way of keeping you on the hook for longer, offering movies, television, games and music. But what started out as cost-effective way for consumers to consume entertainment has turned into an expensive, disorientating nightmare. Read More >>

Netflix’s Subscriber Numbers Should Overtake Sky’s by Christmas

A particularly boring mainstream TV offering could be the trigger for Netflix subscribers to overtake Sky account holder numbers this week, with one TV analyst thinking the end of 2018 could see the streaming new-ish-comer overtake the ageing dish dinosaur. Read More >>

Paid Subscription Swapping is the New Music Piracy

New stats into the popularity of Spotify in the UK claim that 14 per cent of the population has a paid account with the service, with around 10 per cent of people currently using a paid subscription to a service doing so via the borrowed credentials of a friend or family member. That's a new kind of stealing, like having a lick of someone else's Solero when you're only supposed to be holding it while they retrieve the frisbee. Read More >>

YouTube Wants to Make Its Own Paid Subscription Music Service

According to Billboard, YouTube is aiming to make its own Spotify-like subscription music service. There'll be a free streaming service (which, uh, should differentiate from free YouTube) and a premium tier that'll be like Google Music's All Access streaming service. Basically, every company wants their own music streaming service! Read More >>

Is Amazon in Talks to Create a Subscription Music Service?

The Verge is reporting that Amazon is in talks with record labels to create a new subscription music service. Read More >>

Netflix Declares War on Sky’s Movie Monopoly

The cosy Sky Movies domination of the big-name film scene might be about to come to an end, if quotes from the boss of Netflix are to be believed. Read More >>

Is Microsoft Trying to Tie People Into an Xbox 360 Subscription Because the Next Generation Xbox 720 Is Just Around the Corner?

It looks like Microsoft's pretty much confirmed that the next generation Xbox 720 is just round the corner, and it's cottoned onto a cunning plan to earn a few bob from the aging Xbox 360 in the process. It's slashed the price of the Xbox 360 to just £60-odd in the US, but only if you sign up for two-years of Xbox Live. Read More >>

Steve Jobs Was Smacked Down by CBS’ CEO Over Apple TV

Speaking at a conference in LA on Saturday, CBS' CEO Leslie Moonves explained how Steve Jobs approached him with a pitch for an Apple subscription content service. Moonves, however, wasn't convinced, and he decided to turn Jobs away. Read More >>

Cloud-Based Pure Music Now Live in the UK

Pure's subscription-based music service has launched. If you don't like the idea of paying £4.99 a month for access to "millions" of songs, there's currently a free one-month trial on offer to ease the transition to cloud-based music. Oddly, though, the company says offline caching for mobile devices will be available soon "for an additional monthly fee." [Pure] Read More >>

Big Fish Games
Apple Removes Big Fish iPad Game Subscription App Without Notice

It looks like Big Fish's pleasure at launching the first game subscription app for iOS has been replaced by pain and confusion, as Apple's pulled the rug from underneath them. Read More >>

Big Fish Games
ipad apps
Apple Unleashes Game Subscription Model With Big Fish Games

Following the success of subscription services through Newsstand, Apple's given the go-ahead for a game subscription service from Big Fish Games. For £4.99 a month you'll have unlimited streaming access to a whole host of iPad games. Read More >>