The Best Alternatives to the Subscription Services Taking Over Your Digital Life

We live in a subscription-filled world – a few pounds a month in return for a bevy of digital services. (Apple alone has launched what feels like several dozen in the last year). But is this the best use of your money? Are the alternatives to subscription packages actually... better? Here are the options you need to consider. Read More >>

App Promises to Remember to Cancel Your Free Trials

A young app-maker is attempting to disrupt the modern subscription-based world by offering to automatically cancel free trials when they hit the end of the promotional period, making signing up for stuff less of a nightmarish memory challenge. Read More >>

There’s a Subscription Service For Everything Now, Even Phone Cases

We are well and truly in the age of the subscription now, with subscriptions on the way for just about everything. TV, music, games, groceries, pointless plastic tat, Lego bricks, you name it. Because why bother paying for anything individual when you can sign up for a service that will grant you unlimited access, or send you something new every month? The latest one to cross our paths is a subscription services for phone cases that does the latter. Read More >>

Report: Apple May Spend Over Half a Billion on its Subscription Game Service

Sources say Apple is spending hundreds of millions of dollars, and may exceed half a billion dollars in total funding, for its upcoming Arcade game subscription service, the Financial Times reported this weekend. Read More >>

Facebook’s Patreon Clone Wants to Pocket Up to Six Times As Much of the Revenue As Patreon

Facebook is gunning for creator-subscription service Patreon’s business – but on much less generous terms. Read More >>

Mastercard Backtracks On Cancelling Sneaky Subscriptions

For a minute, it looked like Big Finance had actually done something selfless to help the little guy. We were all cautiously optimistic yesterday when Mastercard announced it would be stopping anyone who wanted to accept its cards (which is everyone) from sneakily subscribing you after a free trial. Read More >>

Mastercard Zaps Free Trials That Turn Into Sneaky Subscriptions

If there's one thing that unites all humans, it's a burning hatred of companies that reel you in with free trials, then sneakily start charging your card while insisting you can only cancel if you call on an actual phone between the hours of 14.01 and 14.05 on the third Tuesday of the month. Read More >>

5 Online Subscriptions That Don’t Actually Suck

Remember a time when you paid for your music, and your movies, and your software with a one-off payment rather than a recurring subscription fee debited from your bank account each month? Those times are fading into history for most of us. Subscriptions are now king and practically inescapable. Read More >>

Google, Unlike Apple, is Making it Easy to Cancel App Subscriptions

Mobile app subscriptions are usually a pain in the arse to cancel, but Google is doing its part to make it slightly easier to get out of the fees with its new Subscription Center. The feature, announced at Google I/O earlier this year, rolled out to most Android users Wednesday. Read More >>

Facebook Is Testing If You’ll Pay Actual Money for Your Favorite Groups’ Premium Content

As Facebook continues to look for ways to wring every last dollar out of its platform, the company announced today that it is rolling out a pilot program that allows Facebook group administrators the ability to offer paid monthly subscriptions. Read More >>

Another Great App Went Subscription Only and Everything is Terrible

I blame Adobe for this. Ulysses, one of the best writing tools available right now, is going subscription only. If you previously purchased Ulysses for Mac or iOS (it works seamlessly across Macs, iPhones, and iPads) you are now going to have to pony up £4.49 a month or £36 a year in order to enjoy any new features the development team might roll out for the software. Read More >>

PSA: Check Your App Subscriptions So You Don’t Get Stung

Thanks to the helter-skelter pace of modern living it can be all too easy to sign up for a free trial or a month’s worth of a particular service, and then before you know it, you’re getting billed for a ton of apps you’re not using and don’t really need. Checking up on your subscriptions could save you a serious chunk of change—here’s how to do it. Read More >>

apple music
Remember to Cancel Your Apple Music Free Trial

Apple Music launched with a three-month free trial earlier this summer, a trial millions of people signed up for. Well, the leaves are changing, a brisk chill is in the air, and it’s the ideal time to disable the auto-renew on your trial subscription. Read More >>

Subscription YouTube Coming to End Misery of Constant Ads

Google is planning to expand on its pre-paid ad-free universe by introducing one massive umbrella subscription fee for YouTube, one that could remove all adverts from across the entire service. Read More >>

YouTube is Launching a Subscription Streaming Service

YouTube is launching a subscription music service starting next week. To avoid those horrible ads, you'll be able to pay £9.99 a month for mercifully ad-free music and videos. Read More >>