Michael Gove Says Batman Can Never Be Prime Minister

We love a good subtitle fail – analysts reduced to 'anal cysts', or of course the infamous Year of the Whores: Read More >>

Subtitles Open You Up to Hackers When Using Popular Media Players

On Tuesday, security research firm Checkpoint announced that its team had discovered a new vulnerability in numerous media players that allows a hacker to take full control of any device when a malicious subtitle file is used. The firm estimates 200 million people are potentially at risk. Read More >>

BBC Adds Subtitles to Live iPlayer Streams

The BBC has started testing the embedding of subtitles to live programmes streaming through iPlayer, helping the 20 per cent of viewers who use the subtitling options to enjoy stuff as it happens rather than making them wait for the individual episode links to appear. Read More >>

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When Subtitles Attack

For the most part, subtitles on broadcast TV are amazingly good, especially considering they're mostly created by voice recognition software, and we all know how rubbish that can be at times. Still, when they do go wrong, they go seriously, and hilariously wrong. [The Digital Fix] Read More >>

The Subtitles of Chinese Bootleg Movies Are Even More Unbelievably Hilarious Than We Thought

When we saw the subtitles of a bootleg copy of The Avengers, we couldn't believe how outrageous they were. The subtitles butchered the English language to the point that it felt like a whole different movie. Turns out, a lot of bootleg movies have subtitles that bad. Just check these out. Read More >>