Weird Christmas Food Continues With Baubles Filled with Subway Sandwich Sauce

It's the most wonderfully weird time of the year by far, especially where food is concerned. But if you thought we'd already seen the weirdest items you were spectacularly wrong. Subway has joined the fray and announced that it's currently testing a set of Christmas baubles filled with its most popular sandwich sauces. It's the kind of story that makes you look at the calendar to double check we haven't magically jumped forward to April. Read More >>

What’s The Grossest Fast Food Chain?

This article was originally posted on 30th October 2017, but in the light of the "KFC Crisis" we thought you might like to be reminded about what substitute fast food eateries to avoid. Spoiler: pretty much all other fried chicken shops. Sorry. Read More >>

The Cursed History of NYC MetroCards

If you’ve ridden the New York City subway, you know the feeling. You buy a flimsy plastic card that lets you ride the train, and when you try to swipe it at the turnstile, it doesn’t work. You swipe again. The machine asks you to swipe again. You swipe again. The machine asks you to swipe again at the same turnstile. This can go on for hours, until you beg an MTA employee to let you through. That’s the cursed MetroCard experience, and as of last week, its days are numbered. Read More >>

Subway’s High-Tech Redesign Is Bad and Wrong

I’m not scared to say it: I love a good Subway sandwich. My dad used to take me to the only Subway in town after we went food shopping, and I remember tracking my growth based on how much of the toppings I could see over the tall counter. Now, it seems, Subway wants to ruin that experience for future generations. Read More >>

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Watch a Train Get Assembled for Crossrail

Seeing a train get assembled is a lot like watching someone play with Lego, only if that someone was God and the Lego was stupidly large. This timelapse of a Crossrail Elizabeth line train being built out at Bombardier in Derby is especially cool because it seems like pieces and parts are just flying together. Read More >>

One of the World’s Most Wanted Criminals Has Been Working at a Subway Near a Police Station

The name Piotr Kupiec may not ring any bells, but he’s actually one of the world’s most wanted men, having been on the run since 2007. So where’s he been hiding? Forests? Underground? The second page of Google search? Nope. He’s actually been working at a Subway near a police station. Read More >>

The World Metro Map Combines 214 Subway Systems Into One Glorious Mess

What happens if you try to combine 214 different underground train networks — including 791 routes and 11,924 stations — into a single tube map? This beautiful tangle of colour and lines is what. Read More >>

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What is the Most Obnoxious Behavior You’ve Seen on Public Transport?

Manspreading—the phenomenon where males require extra room on trains for their oversized scrotums—has been in the news lately with several reports of men being arrested on the New York City subway for occupying more than one seat. It's an "offence" seen on UK tubes, and even the celebrities of Game of Thrones are culprits. But surely this isn’t the worst offense committed on our public transportation systems? Read More >>

Someone Snuck Into NYC’s £2.6 Billion Train Station and Took These Pics

Picture £2.6 billion worth of cash stacked up in the shape of a train station. This is pretty much what the World Trade Center Transportation Hub looks like. Except more surreal. You'd also maybe need to throw in a whole bunch of screw ups and missed deadlines, because this alien cathedral of a train station is one expensive mess. Read More >>

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Removing a Tunnelling Machine From the Ground is Strangely Difficult

Tunnel-boring machines are genuine marvels of modern technology. They are self-contained contraptions big enough to build entire subway tunnels, a job that used to require thousands of pick-axes and the sacrifice of quite a few lives. But once construction is finished, getting the machines out can take months. Read More >>

37 Rare and Beautiful Images of the New York City Subway in the 1980s

A few years ago The New York Times likened New York's underground system to "a house of horrors". But as a newly published set of nearly 500 photos show, New York City's subway system wasn't always so horrific. It's bizarrely beautiful in all its squalor. Read More >>

Train Etiquette Posters From 1970s Japan are Just as Relevant Today

Don't smoke in the train station. Don't spit your gum on the floor. And please, god, don't splay your legs out like no one else is around you. These sound like basic rules of today's public transit, but they're actually messages that graced the walls of Tokyo's subway forty years ago. Read More >>

90 Per Cent of New York City’s Subway Stations are Falling Apart

The New York State Comptroller just released a report on the condition of New York City subway stations. It's bad. It's really bad. Read More >>

These Enormous Caverns Below NYC are Starting to Look Like Train Tunnels

It's been several months since we last checked in with New York City's perennially delayed, incredibly expensive infrastructural wonder: The East Side Access project, a plan to build a new station beneath Grand Central station that will connect Manhattan and Queens. Deep below the city, work continues—and now, the MTA has given us an update. Read More >>