Digestives Hit in Latest Brexit Shrinkage Horror

Well the good news is that McVitie's is inadvertently helping fight the obesity epidemic. The bad news is that your standard pack of Digestives is going to be substantially smaller in the near future, joining Jaffa Cakes on the shrinkflation list of shame. Read More >>

Manchester Hospital Bans Sugar From Patient and Staff Food

High-fructose corn syrup addicts living in the vicinity of Manchester's Tameside hospital had better hope they never get sick, as the hospital has banned all sugary snacks and drinks from sale inside the premises -- and has even encouraged the on-site chefs to make sure the meals offered to patients and staff are sugar free, too. Read More >>

Irn Bru Fans Are Panic Buying Ahead of a Recipe Change

People are very fond of their food and drink, with any attempt to change it facing strong resistance from those who don't want it to change. It happened with New Coke in the US, with Creme Eggs here, and it's happening again with Scotland's favourite soft drink Irn Bru. So fans of the current recipe are panicking and stockpiling as much as they can. Read More >>

Health Police Say Children Can Only Have Two Biscuits a Day

Public Health England has got a new, jaunty little healthy eating slogan it hopes will soon enter the public consciousness alongside the classic "five a day" — "two a day max." Read More >>

Sugar Warriors Say Ban Under-16s From Buying Energy Drinks

People who hate sugar have been counting up how much of it is in things again, shaking their heads in horror, and telling the nation what to do about it. Read More >>

Coke Lorry Targets the Poor and Ought to be Banned by Councils, Says the Government

Coke's fun-loving habit of hijacking Christmas by driving a lorry about the country to establish lifelong brand loyalty in a new generation has come under fire, with Public Health England suggesting the company's festive truck of sugary liquid routinely heads for the poorest parts of the land in order to ensnare kids into a life of additional sugar consumption. Read More >>

Can We Make Kids Eat Healthier By Making Healthy Food Sweeter?

The battle for children’s taste buds is old news now, but I’ll recap it for you. Kids like sugar. Companies know this. They put sugar in everything, even supposedly cereal. They put games and cartoons on the boxes. Now we’re left with lots of obese kids, some of whom have never eaten a dang blueberry. Read More >>

Campaigners Want the Sugar Tax on Sweets as Well

Campaigners are already demanding that the Sugar Tax that's about to be added to overly sweet soft drinks should be expanded, with anti-sugar lobbyists suggesting that adding the levy to all confectionary and forcing manufacturers to reduce sugar or raise costs should be next. Read More >>

Stop Whinging: You Don’t Even Need Sugar in Your Coke

A couple of days ago we found out that the government is going to start taxing sugary drinks. Naturally there have been a number of people outraged by this development. How dare the government try and make them pay more for their sugar-filled cans of Coke?! Well here I am to tell you a bit of difficult news. You don't need to have sugar in your Coke at all, so you can easily get past the whole problem. Read More >>

Sugar Tax is go for Next April

The sugar tax, or the Soft Drinks Industry Levy to give it its full name, has been approved by MPs and will come into force in April of 2018 alongside the other taxation tweaks introduced within the Finance Bill. Read More >>

NHS Hospital Shops Face Sugary Drinks Ban

NHS hospital shops in England are the latest to join the war on sugar, with a group of in-hospital food and drink providers agreeing to cut the amount of sugary liquids they sell to their captive audiences. Read More >>

Our Greatest Geological Discovery Is This Chocolate Boulder With Edible Geodes Inside

If you thought Cadbury Creme Eggs were humanity’s greatest confectionery creation, Alex O’Brien Yeatts, a baking and pastry student at the Culinary Institute of America, has come up with a dessert that looks straight out of a geology textbook—not a cookbook. Read More >>

All Nice Food Must Taste Worse and be Smaller

Public Health England has published a list of demands aimed at the food industry, in which it asks food manufacturers to cut the sugar content of nice things -- particularly those aimed at children -- with the aim of reducing overall sugar levels in key foods by 20 per cent by the year 2020. Read More >>

Dentists Say Your Office Birthday Doughnut Blowout Should Stop

Dentists and other people worried about the oral health of the nation are targeting one small remaining pocket of fun many of us have -- workplace snacks. In case you didn't know, ordering the 144 deluxe Krispy Kreme deluxe doughnut box because it's someone's birthday is the new worst thing for everyone's teeth and health. Read More >>

Eating These Magnificent Sugary Creations Should Be a Crime

Some artists work with paint, others use clay, while some chip away at chunks of marble. Shinri Tezuka prefers the medium of candy, turning melted sugar into stunning crystal-like creations through the Japanese art of amezaiku. Read More >>