Irn Bru Fans Plan Factory Raid For Full-Sugar Recipe

An online hardcore of Irn Bru fans are threatening to gather at the drink's key manufacturing facility in Scotland, where they might, but almost certainly won't, storm the premises to find the original sugary recipe. Read More >>

Nestle Puts Fruit Bits in a KitKat for the Health Bloggers

Nestle has done something that'll fool only the most fool-worthy of Instagram influencers; it has put small bits of fruit and nuts in a KitKat so it can pretend it's a healthy option you could entirely live on and turn out totally fine. Read More >>

Dentists Want Schools to Be Sugar-Free Zones

Dentists shaking their heads in dismay at the state of the nation's teeth are pushing for new rules on the eating of sugary foods, and are angling for a future in which our schools become sugar-free zones in order to give the teeth of the children a few hours of respite from the attack of unhealthy foods and drinks. Read More >>

Sugar Tax Hits Scotland’s National Carbonated Beverage

The government's introduction of the levy on sugary drinks that caused mass reformulations of our go-to bottled fizzes has had a negative impact on the fortunes of AG Barr, the maker of Scotland's beloved orange elixir Irn-Bru. Read More >>

Sugar Worriers Want to End 1,200 Calorie Horror Shakes

Milkshakes with bits of biscuit in them, marshmallows on top that you eat with a chocolate spoon, fruit sauces and various additional fructose reductions are the latest target of anti-sugar campaigners, who would like the government's war on unhealthy eating to be expanded to cover the hellish world of the "freakshake" treat. Read More >>

Creme Egg’s Easter Bunny Ads Banned for Targeting Children

A joint promotional push by Cadbury and the Scottish National Trust to encourage children to join in with various local easter egg hunts has been banned – retrospectively and therefore pointlessly – due to new guidelines that want to stop unhealthy food being marketed in the direction of children. Read More >>

Tony the Tiger is About to Face His Biggest Battle Yet

A group of suit-clad political combatives operating under the banner of the health and social care select committee are asking for war to be declared on Tony the Tiger (even though he's trying to be healthier), with cartoons that encourage children to consume cereals and convenience foods facing obliteration. Hence Tony might need another job at best, or at worst be sent off to a zoo or turned into gourmet burgers. Read More >>

Stop Whinging: You Don’t Even Need Sugar in Your Coke

Last year, we learned that the government was going to start taxing sugary drinks. After a year of outrage and grumblings, the tax has finally landed, being effective from today.  How dare the government try and make them pay more for their sugar-filled cans of Coke?! Well here I am to tell you a bit of difficult news. You don't need to have sugar in your Coke at all, so you can easily get past the whole problem. Read More >>

Health Campaigners Want to Ban ‘Sharing Bags’ of Sweets

Most of you will be more than familiar with the so-called 'sharing bags' of sweets and chocolate you can get in the supermarket with those rubbish resealing stickers that fall off after 10 seconds. If you're like me you probably scoffed at the idea that it's possible to share a bag, since it's quite easy to eat the lot in one sitting. Well people campaigning for healthy living want them banned for that very reason. Read More >>

Digestives Hit in Latest Brexit Shrinkage Horror

Well the good news is that McVitie's is inadvertently helping fight the obesity epidemic. The bad news is that your standard pack of Digestives is going to be substantially smaller in the near future, joining Jaffa Cakes on the shrinkflation list of shame. Read More >>

Manchester Hospital Bans Sugar From Patient and Staff Food

High-fructose corn syrup addicts living in the vicinity of Manchester's Tameside hospital had better hope they never get sick, as the hospital has banned all sugary snacks and drinks from sale inside the premises -- and has even encouraged the on-site chefs to make sure the meals offered to patients and staff are sugar free, too. Read More >>

Irn Bru Fans Are Panic Buying Ahead of a Recipe Change

People are very fond of their food and drink, with any attempt to change it facing strong resistance from those who don't want it to change. It happened with New Coke in the US, with Creme Eggs here, and it's happening again with Scotland's favourite soft drink Irn Bru. So fans of the current recipe are panicking and stockpiling as much as they can. Read More >>

Health Police Say Children Can Only Have Two Biscuits a Day

Public Health England has got a new, jaunty little healthy eating slogan it hopes will soon enter the public consciousness alongside the classic "five a day" — "two a day max." Read More >>

Sugar Warriors Say Ban Under-16s From Buying Energy Drinks

People who hate sugar have been counting up how much of it is in things again, shaking their heads in horror, and telling the nation what to do about it. Read More >>

Coke Lorry Targets the Poor and Ought to be Banned by Councils, Says the Government

Coke's fun-loving habit of hijacking Christmas by driving a lorry about the country to establish lifelong brand loyalty in a new generation has come under fire, with Public Health England suggesting the company's festive truck of sugary liquid routinely heads for the poorest parts of the land in order to ensnare kids into a life of additional sugar consumption. Read More >>