Physicists Think They Know How to Stop Your Wheeled Suitcase From Tipping Over

Imagine you’re at an airport with your fancy new bag rolling behind you. You have spent a little too much time deciding which plane snack will both taste good and doesn’t have too many calories, and now must sprint to catch your plane. You make a turn and suddenly, your bag begins to wobble. No time to fix it, you are now dragging your suitcase sideways to the gate. Read More >>

Travelling With a See-Through Suitcase Will Force You to Pack Neatly

You know that embarrassing feeling when security flags you for a carry-on inspection, and you have to open your messy suitcase in front of all your fellow travellers? Sucks. But Crumpler’s new Vis-à-Vis suitcase is completely clear, which means you’ll either learn to pack neat, or learn to be proud of being a packing slob. Read More >>