Why Hot Weather is Really Bad for Your Gadgets, and How to Protect Them

Summer is well under way, which means your various gadgets and gizmos are going to be lying on beach towels, sitting in hot cars, sweating on the train and generally getting hotter than they normally would. Here’s why that’s dangerous—and what you can do to keep them protected. Read More >>

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The World’s Biggest Super Soaker is Powerful Enough to Shatter Windows

Last summer, Mark Rober built the world’s largest Nerf dart gun, capable of blasting foam at 40 mph. Sure, that made it slightly more dangerous than the toy it was based on, but it doesn’t even come close to Rober’s latest bonkers creation: a giant Super Soaker that fires water at 243 mph. Read More >>

It’s Official: The Bakerloo Is The Hottest London Underground Line

Ahhh, look at the lovely weather. It must be summer in London at last. Time to stroll through Hyde Park, stop for a drink at one of the capital’s countless drinking establishments… and then risk death by melting, by stepping on to an unbearably warm Tube. Read More >>

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Try Not to Lose Your Lunch on This Bonkers Never-Ending Slip ‘N Slide

In an effort to celebrate Australia Day—a holiday in which the nation apparently likes to risk life and limb for a little fun—a bunch of Aussies realised that the ride on a Slip ‘N Slide is always way too short. So they built an infinite version where you can keep hurtling around for as long as you can hold on. Read More >>

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Badass Jetskiing T-Rex Is Exactly Why We’ll Miss the Summer

Who knew a crappy T-rex costume we once all dumped on would turn out to be one of the best things to happen to the internet? Read More >>

Pelican Built an Indestructible Cooler In Case Your Beer Falls Off a Cliff 

If you travel with a lot of expensive camera, video, or music gear, there’s a good chance you stuff it all in a Pelican case to ensure it arrives unscathed. The company is known for its nearly indestructible cases, and now that it’s made a cooler, you’ll never have to worry about something happening to your drinks. Read More >>

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The Best Gadgets and Gear to Keep Your Kids Occupied Over the Summer

Summer's rolled around again, and if your kids are going to be off for a long break pretty soon. If they aren't already. Adults have lives of their own and responsibilities to take care of, so you can't exactly personally keep them occupied every second of every day. So instead of letting them get bored, here are some thing you can buy to stop them from annoying you all summer long. Read More >>

Facebook Upsets Soggy Brits by Telling Them it’s Summer

Not that anybody needed a Facebook “it’s summer” reminder to begin with, but people are doubly annoyed that they got a certain greeting when it’s pouring with rain outside. Read More >>

Rare “Strawberry Moon” Lights up Tonight’s Summer Solstice Human Sacrifice Parties

Today's the longest day of the year, making it the least convenient to be an online video gamer; but one of the best to be the sort of person who goes out when it's dark to get a bit of peace and quiet. There's also going to be a nice bit of moon action, too. Read More >>

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How to Use Vinegar to Make Your Cocktails Taste Amazing

Vinegar is probably the last thing you’d think to reach for when you want to make a refreshing drink. But with a little sugar, a handful of past-its-prime fruit, and about a week in the fridge, vinegar can transform into one of the most complex, mixologist-approved flavours to ever grace your cocktails. Read More >>

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Why Do We Turn Back Our Clocks For Winter?

In the UK, we have a man called William Willett to blame for the endless (well, twice a year) fiddling of our clocks, as it was Willett who convinced some MPs in the early 1900s that it might be a good idea to shift the day about to make better use of the seasonal changes in day length. Read More >>

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The Best Gadgets to Keep Your Kids Entertained Over the Summer Break

If the weather wasn't enough to clue you in, you can't ignore that it's definitely summer now that the schools are closed and the kids are suddenly free from the clutches of teachers and homework. Sadly that leaves us with the problem of keeping them entertained over the next couple of months. School might suck, but it does keep them occupied during the day. To make sure they don't drive you nuts, here are things to keep your kids busy and quiet. Read More >>

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The Best Gadgets to Keep You Going While on Holiday

Now that it's July, and with that pesky heatwave, it's very clear that summer is now upon us. That means kids out of school, ice creams, BBQs, and the classic summer holiday. We currently live in the age of the personal gadget, with bits of tech making every aspects of our lives easier and better. Holidays are no exception, so here are a few bits and pieces you can buy to enhance the holiday experience. Read More >>

The Real Reason You Get Red Eyes After Swimming is Gross

If you get bloodshot eyes after you take a dip in a swimming pool, know that it’s not chlorine to blame. It’s something far more disgusting! The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would like you to know that those red, itchy eyes were caused by someone’s pool pee. Read More >>

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Windows 10 is Coming This Summer

Thought Windows 10 wouldn't arrive till October? Think again. You won't have long to wait to get rid of 8—because the operating system you deserve is coming this summer instead. Read More >>