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Here Are the Horrible Ways You’d Die if You Brought a Piece of the Sun Back to Earth

With all the fascinating planets in our solar system, it sometimes feels like the Sun gets overlooked. The Sun is amazing! People still worship the Sun, and that actually makes a certain amount of sense. So, what would happen if you took a small piece of the Sun and brought it back to Earth? Well, whoever’s left would have new reasons to worship the Sun. Read More >>

NASA Will Chase the Upcoming Solar Eclipse Using Telescopes Mounted on Jets

Observed from the ground, the total solar eclipse happening on August 21, when the Moon completely blocks your view of the Sun, will be visible for up to 160 seconds. It will be a fleeting glimpse of a rare phenomenon, which is why NASA plans to chase the Moon’s shadow using a pair of jets. Read More >>

Scientists Solve Ancient ‘Bright Night’ Mystery With New Satellite Data

Humans are pretty jaded these days. We can write most of the strange phenomena we see off as science (or we honestly don’t care). But when Roman philosophers like Pliny the Elder witnessed moonless nights glow bright like the day, it definitely made an impression. Others since then have been awestruck by these “bright nights,” too. Read More >>

The Sun Accidentally Announces Royal Death

So there was a royal announcement this morning, and it was a bit boring and to do with an old bloke deciding to spend a bit more time reading the Daily Mail by the fire, but that's not the interesting part. The fun thing is that The Sun newspaper got a bit ahead of itself in the pre-writing stakes, and accidentally pressed publish on a placeholder story reporting Prince Philip's death, in a cringeworthy gaffe worthy of the man himself. Read More >>

The Weather In The UK Is Good And We’re Not Sure What To Do

What's that big yellow sky-ball? Why is everything... sort of like when it's cold, but way more pleasant? Why can I feel my toes? What is happening? Read More >>

We’ve Never Seen The Solar Wind Like This Before

Like an endless blaze roaring forth from the gates of hell, the solar wind is majestic, awe inspiring, and terrifying. The only proof you need that the Sun is the one and true master of our solar system is this never-before-seen view of a torrent of charged particles bursting out of our star’s corona. Read More >>

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Watch the Ring-of-Fire Solar Eclipse Happening in Africa

We will never, ever tell you to stare at the sun. Fortunately, we have a far better way for you to get a glimpse of the ring-of-fire solar eclipse over central Africa. Read More >>

NASA Just Found a Lost Spacecraft

If movies about space have taught us anything, it’s that no one can hear you scream. If you get lost in space, nobody’s going to find you. Unless you’re a spacecraft with a direct link to NASA. Then there is hope for you yet. Read More >>

NASA’s Solar Observatory Freaked Out But It’s Not Because of the Apocalypse

After more than a week offline, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory—the sun-watching spacecraft responsible for these close-up images of solar flares, fire, and loops—is back. But just what caused it to glitch in the first place? Read More >>

A Giant Comet Was Just Obliterated by the Sun

Reminding us of our own fragile mortality, a large, bright comet just streaked across the sky and straight into our nearest neighbouring star. You will absolutely believe what happened next because it has happened to you in a nightmare, admit it. Read More >>

Crashing Into the Sun is Much Harder Than You Think

Turns out, all those films about spaceships going just a liiiiittle bit off course and crashing into the sun were filthy, filthy lies. The good people over at Minute Physics explain why most of us couldn’t crash into the sun if we tried. Read More >>

How to Fix Today’s Inevitable Sunburn

Been outside? Warm, isn't it? At least that's what the weather forecasters are all saying today anyway, while I sit here in a cold room generating content. So here, if you've been caught out by the sun and currently have arms as pink as a Disney character's chuff, are some of the best common sunburn remedies, as used by housewives and recommended by pharmaceutical giants for generations. Read More >>

How the Sun Looks When Your Spacecraft Suddenly Does a Back Flip

No, the space-based Solar Dynamics Observatory isn’t on the fritz—it was actually instructed to make this flip while snapping pics of the Sun. It might sound like NASA took this thing out for a joy ride, but there’s a very good reason for the evasive manoeuvre. Read More >>

The Sun Boils Like a Cauldron in This Dramatic Close-up

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory just released a stunning video showing a pair of magnetic fields as they duel for supremacy on the surface of the sun. Read More >>

Here’s the Glorious 4K Footage of Last Month’s Mercury Transit We’ve Been Waiting For

So you missed Mercury transiting the Sun last month and thought you were going to have to wait another three whole years to see the rare astronomical event? Not at all. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Laboratory was busy shooting the entire thing in 4K, and it just released three glorious highlight reels. Even if you did tune into a live stream, this is an encore you don’t want to miss. Read More >>