Google CEO Tries to Smooth Things Over After YouTube’s Anti-LGBTQ Shitshow

The complete and utter shitshow that is YouTube’s bungled response to addressing anti-LGBTQ harassment on its platform today brings us a response from Google CEO Sundar Pichai following a meeting with LGBTQ groups at the company. Read More >>

Google Not Sure Which Google+ Users Had Personal Data Exposed

Following a report Monday alleging that Google kept secret a data breach potentially impacting hundreds of thousands of former Google+ users, the company is offering only a meagre defence of why it kept silent for so long. Read More >>

Google Developing Censored Search Engine For China: Report

China has an army of internet censors who comb through the web and block information that the government doesn’t want its people to see. But the job of the censors is about to get easier if Google has its way. The tech giant is planning to release a new censored version of its search engine and apps in the land of 1.3 billion people. Read More >>

US Congress Politely Invites the CEOs of Facebook, Google, and Twitter to Get Their Asses Grilled

Facebook is in hot water for both helping turn America’s collective brains into mush and exposing millions of users’ data to shadowy political operators. But now Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has an open invitation to tell US Congress his side of the story. That is, if he accepts an invitation sent out today by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Read More >>

Gmail’s April 1 Launch Almost Ruined Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Job Interview

We’ve all screwed up in job interviews at one point or another, whether attempting to pass off being “a bit of a workaholic” as your biggest weakness or spluttering on that glass of water you so confidently asked for at the start. Read More >>

Google CEO Finally Chimes In on FBI Encryption Case, Says He Agrees with Apple

After Tim Cook’s eloquent letter explaining why Apple wouldn’t help the FBI get encrypted data from the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, the internet looked to Google to take a similar stand. Now Google CEO Sundar Pichai has posted five tweets that seem to show he agrees with Cook. Read More >>

What Would YOU Name Android N?

We’re all familiar with Google’s practice of zipping through the alphabet and naming its Android operating systems after sugary treats. It’s a satisfyingly simple system, and one that invites plenty of speculation. Read More >>

Who is Sundar Pichai, the New Google CEO?

The new boss of Google is in an odd position. He's been effectively running things on behalf of company founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin for some time, but now they've installed themselves as the bosses of Alphabet Pichai finds himself the new boss of a newly tinkered with Google. Read More >>

Android Apps Finally Arrive on Google’s Chrome OS

Delivering on Sundar Pichai's promise at Google's I/O conference in June, Android apps are beginning to make appearances on Google's Chrome OS. The first set of apps incoming are Duolingo, Evernote, Sight Words, and Vine, and Google says it'll be working with select Android devs to add more in the coming months. Read More >>