Definitely Do Not Try to Fly a Drone Above the Super Bowl

The FBI is cautioning drone pilots against flying them anywhere near the site of the Super Bowl in Atlanta, Georgia – not only on game day but leading up to it as well. Read More >>

The Surprisingly High-Tech Super Bowl I Broadcast

When footage of CBS’s 1967 coverage of Super Bowl I first emerged from the ashes seven years ago, sports historians reacted with glee. Long considered one of the Holy Grails of sportscasting history, the footage, found on a set of two-inch Quadruplex video tapes in a dusty Pennsylvania attic, provided a rare glimpse at an event once held exclusively in the memories of the nearly 62,000 attendees that January afternoon at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Read More >>

Super Bowl Spammer Tricks Google’s Top Stories Module

Last night was the Super Bowl, a sporting event enjoyed by many. As Google search traffic goes, it’s also a fucking goldmine—which explains why a LinkedIn blogger wrote over 150 junk articles on how to stream it. Read More >>

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Everything You Need if You Give a Damn About the Super Bowl

In this country 'football' means the game played by a bunch of overpaid men who will fall over and cry out in pain if a fly so much as farts in their general direction. It's also played with your feet, unless you're a goalie. In America football is more like Rugby with padding and ad breaks, and features very little foot-meets-ball action. It's not really seen as a big deal here, except on Super Bowl day. Read More >>

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Slo-Mo Footage of an Exploding American Football is Far Better Than the Super Bowl

If you’re finding it hard to wait until Sunday for the only day Britain is legally allowed to care about NFL, The Slow Mo Guys have something that should tide you over: They used a Phantom V2511 high-speed camera to film a severely overinflated American football at 28,000 frames per second. Read More >>

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The Best Bits You Need for the Perfect Super Bowl Party

Sunday night is Super Bowl night, easily one of the biggest events on the American sporting calendar. It's also the only time us Brits will even bother pretending we like American Rugby Football, but only because it's a perfect excuse to get drunk and watch people run into each other. Read More >>

How to Watch Super Bowl 50 Online 

It can be a pain to stream live sports, but this year’s Super Bowl 50 will be easy to watch on February 7, even without a cable subscription – depending on where in the world you are. Read More >>

How VFX Wizards Got The Brady Bunch Back on Screen to Sell Chocolate Bars

One of the more memorable moments from the Super Bowl—at least before the end of the fourth quarter—was the latest Snickers ad that co-opted The Brady Bunch into selling candy bars. But if you thought the ad just used some clever editing and dubbing, over on FXGuide they have a thorough break-down of the complex visual effects needed to change what the characters were saying in the original footage from the TV series. Read More >>

All The 2015 Super Bowl Commercials And Trailers In One Place

So the ball-deflating Patriots won the latest high-profile game of rugby between two sets of motorcycle messengers (copyright: The Mary Whitehouse Experience). But if you’re anything like us – Dolphins fans, primarily – you only watch the Super Bowl for the money orgasm that is the commercials anyway. Read More >>

The Best Super Bowl Tech Ads, Ranked

Unlike recent years, 2014 saw some Super Bowl ads for tech companies that were actually... good? Inconceivable! We've gathered them all here, in easily processed ranking form. As always, all rankings are totally subjective and legally binding. Read More >>

It Took More Than Just iPhones to Shoot Apple’s New Ad

With Macintosh turning 30 this year, you'd think Apple would go big. Maybe they'd spring for another Super Bowl commercial like the 1984 ad that changed the way the world thinks about computers. Nah… they just made an Apple promo reel that was shot entirely on iPhones—with a little help, of course. Read More >>

One Boob Built YouTube: How Nipplegate Changed the Way We Share Video

Think about it this way: If Justin Timberlake hadn't partially exposed one of Janet Jackson's nipples during that fateful Super Bowl halftime show, you wouldn't be able to watch all the nipples you'd like on your computer today. Read More >>

Apple is Probably Going to Run a Sequel to its “1984” Ad During the Super Bowl

30 years ago, the Los Angeles Raiders were slaughtering the Washington Redskins at halftime in SuperBowl XVIII, when America was stopped in it's tracks by a gal with an Brigitte Nielsen haircut and a hammer, running towards the screen. Read More >>

Who Does Military Overkill Sports Flyovers Better: USA vs UK

The opening ceremony of the Olympics last night was kicked off by a giant, coloured-smoke flyover by the Royal Air Force's Red Arrows squadron. Pretty cool! Your pounds at work! But does it beat... The Super Bowl? Read More >>

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This Nixed Charlie Sheen Superbowl Ad Totally Makes Me Want to Do Drugs and Drive a Fiat

ormally when someone quits/gets fired from the number one sitcom in the country, goes on a months-long bender, and proceeds to lose his shit in front of the entire internet, he ends up living under a freeway. But not Charlie Sheen. He leverages that situation into a meme, increased stardom, and this commercial for a Fiat 500 Abarth. Damn, he's good. Read More >>