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Shooting Crazy Super Soakers Filled With Paint is a Lot of Silly Fun

If you crossed a Super Soaker with a paintball gun, you’d get this wild creation from our friend Mark Rober: a crazy weapon that shoots out streams of paint like a Super Soaker would shoot out water. Read More >>

The First Hose-Connected Super Soaker Blasts an Infinite Stream of Water

It’s a universal law that whoever controls the hose, controls the back garden water fight. And while Super Soakers have long provided a worthy opposition to a garden hose, the new Floodfire blaster is the first to combine both to create an unstoppable soaking machine with an infinite supply of water. Read More >>

Adorn Your Walls With the Weapons of Summer Fun

The actual summer months might be drawing to a close, but thanks to LA-based DKNG Studios, you can preserve some of that warm weather fun with these awesome prints featuring comprehensive illustrations of the Nerf and Super Soaker product lines. Read More >>

Man Busted With Homemade Shotgun Disguised as Super Soaker

The Fresno Police busted 54-year-old Randy Smith for strutting around Fresno with a homemade shotgun hidden in the plastic shell of a Super Soaker. Look at this guy. That dude walking around with a plastic toy. How could that arouse suspicion? Read More >>