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CES 2019: IBM Wants to Use a Sensor in Your Phone to Create Ultra High-Res Weather Forecasts

In the world of weather forecasting, the battle for supremacy is generally being waged between the Euro and American weather models maintained by U.S. and European Union governmental agencies. But there are tonnes of other options to choose from, and a new one emerged on Tuesday at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Read More >>

Peer Into the Guts of a Monster Tornado With This Incredible Simulation

Using a powerful supercomputer, meteorologists have simulated the “El Reno” tornado—a category 5 storm that swept through Oklahoma on May 24, 2011. Read More >>

NASA’s Supercomputers Reveal the Incredible Turbulence Produced By a Drone

If you’ve ever been blasted by the downwash of a drone when it flies over you, you know how much air four spinning rotors can move. But to help improve the design and flight characteristics of future drones, NASA had its supercomputers simulate what that air movement actually looks like, and it’s impossibly complex. Read More >>

Elon Musk’s OpenAI Wants to Teach Robots to Speak Like Redditors

Reddit is known for many things: lively communities, a dedicated user base, cum boxes, incest. Now, the Elon Musk-and-Peter Thiel-backed nonprofit OpenAI wants to use Reddit’s vast array of content as a guide for its new machine learning programs. Read More >>

This Supercomputer Mimics a Human Brain Using Just 2.5 Watts of Power

IBM and the US government teamed up to develop a new supercomputer for use on US national security missions. It makes decisions like a human brain, and uses less power than a hearing aid. Read More >>

China Rules the Roost in Supercomputer-Resource Rankings

When it comes to supercomputers, the US used to dominate the world rankings. But these days its status is slipping, while China is surging ahead. Read More >>

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This is How the Trinity Supercomputer Will Keep its Cool

We love it when things are organised neatly. This tidy pile of warm-water cooling components is at the Strategic Computing Center of Los Alamos National Laboratory, where installation of an energy-saving cooling infrastructure to support the Trinity Platform is well underway. Read More >>

IBM’s App Will Sequence Your DNA to Give You Personalised Health Advice

IBM wants its supercomputer Watson to help you get healthy—by analysing your genes. A startup called Pathway Genomics is teaming up with IBM to create a fitness and diet tracking app that uses DNA sequencing and Watson's intelligence to give custom health recommendations. Read More >>

The UK’s New Weather Supercomputer Could Predict Rain in Your Street

The Met Office has just announced that it's taking delivery of a new £97 million supercomputer – one that will be able to predict the weather accurately enough to know what it will be like on the very road you live on. Read More >>

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This Cocktail Concocted by IBM’s Watson Isn’t Half Bad

The surreal strength of IBM's famous supercomputer, Watson, is now available to the public (for a fee). And to mark the occasion, the company threw a little party last week and served a very blue cocktail. Naturally, I whipped up my own slight variation when I got back to the office. I call it the Big Blue Hurricane. Read More >>

IBM’s Watson is Now the Size of Three Pizza Boxes–It’s Also a Billionaire

IBM just put the pedal to the metal on Watson's crawl towards relevance. The company just announced a billion dollar investment, giving the supercomputer its own business division as well as an office in New York City's Astor Place. Read More >>

Watson Is Going To Be Open For Public Use on the Cloud

Watson was always going to be more than just a successful game show contestant. Now, the computer is about to take on anything and everything, as it opens itself up to the public on the cloud. Read More >>