BT Starts Selling G.Fast With a 100Mbps Guarantee

BT is now offering two new types of "ultrafast" broadband to lucky people living within the footprint surrounding profitable exchanges, with BT Ultrafast 1 and 2 now selectable for some customers. Read More >>

BT Promises 10Mbps for Everyone by… 2021 or 2022

BT and its Openreach division have made a willing promise to the government to offer a 10Mbps connection to 99 per cent of the country, an offer it's made voluntarily in order to fend off potentially being forced into it by Ofcom. Read More >>

BT’s Free Superfast 1GBps Phone Pods Switch on Today

BT has activated the first of a miniature fleet of next-gen phone booths in London today, with the ad-supported pod offering free access to 1GBps internet connections. Read More >>

Government Finds £440m to Help Connect the Last 5% to Superfast Broadband

The accounts of the Broadband Delivery UK scheme are about to be boosted by another larger chunk of government  and BT money, with an additional total of £440m coming its way to help bring "superfast" broadband connections to parts of the country still not covered by today's patchwork quilt of better connection possibilities. Read More >>

Broadband Speeds Report Shows Middlesbrough is the UK’s Best-Served City

The average broadband connection speeds of 42 UK cities have dumped poor old Hull and its bespoke KCOM network right down at the bottom of the urban superfast league, with the city's broadband managing a six-month average of 12.45Mbps. Read More >>

Virgin Media’s 200Mbps “Vivid” Ultrafast Launches October 1st

Virgin Media's gone and announced the new super/ultra type of broadband product it's been testing for some time, revealing it'll be sold under the brand name "Vivid" -- and will top out at connections offering up to 200Mbps, should you have one of its wires poking out of your living room into the street. Read More >>

BT Wants to Make 5Mbps the New Broadband Default Speed

BT's boss has delivered a speech outlining his company's future commitments to the nation's pipes, claiming he foresees a dream world where even the remotest broadband notspot is one day connected to the infinite fun cloud at no less that 5Mbps. Read More >>

BT Futurises Huntingdon as Broadband Becomes a Thing

The first customers to try BT's latest broadband technology are currently enjoying speedtesting their connections in Huntingdon, where the first lines are now delivering fibre-like speeds through copper lines to a small community of testers. Read More >>

Scottish Broadband Push Will Wire-Up 80,000 More Homes in 2015

The consortium of groups organising Scotland's super-fast broadband roll out are expecting a big leap in connectivity next year, when around 80,000 more homes across the country will be able to get their streams flying at up to 80Mb/s. Read More >>

UK to Have Superfastest Broadband in Europe by 2015, Says Hopeful Minister

The UK's roll-out of "superfast" broadband will see us boasting of having the fastest broadband in all of Europe in 2015, as the next-gen fibre cabinets boost our averages to unprecedented levels. Read More >>