Warner Bros. is Finally Realising Supergirl Should Be the Centre of the DC Universe

Supergirl was a joke. Until about 15 years ago she was memorable mainly for her campy ‘80s movie and that time she died in that comics, possibly because her campy ‘80s movie was so bad. Yet as the Supergirl series continues to be popular on the CW, the DC movieverse’s Superman is in limbo, and a new Supergirl film is beginning to take shape, it seems like Warner Bros. is finally picking up on the fact that Supergirl, not Superman, best embodies the 80-plus years of Super mythos. Read More >>

The Real Reason Behind the Mission: Impossible/Justice League Moustache Drama Is as Petty As Your Wildest Dreams

Perhaps the most joyful story in moviemaking for the past year has been the ongoing delight of stachegate—the absurdity of a spat between Henry Cavill’s reshoots on last year’s Justice League and filming the just-released Mission: Impossible—Fallout, a tale of impressive follicles and dodgy CGI. And now we know it all started with some good old fashioned studio pettiness. Read More >>

The Death of Superman Movie Changes Up a Classic DC Comics Story Just Enough to Work

The Man of Steel still dies in the new Death of Superman animated movie. The biggest surprise in the film is how he lives his life before Doomsday takes him out. Read More >>

Margot Kidder, Who Defined Lois Lane for a Generation, Has Passed Away

Margot Kidder, the woman whose performance perfectly captured the essence of The Daily Planet’s most fearless reporter, passed away on Sunday at her home in Montana. Read More >>

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Bask in the Glory of Light Up Abs With Superman Lives Test Footage  

The infamous story of what could’ve been with Tim Burton’s take on the Man of Steel in Superman Lives is internet legend at this point—even if it wasn’t actually going to be the final suit Nic Cage donned in the film, the sparkly take on Superman’s costume is forever a reminder of how bad things could’ve gone. Also, now we can see it lit up like goddamn Christmas tree thanks to some newly released footage. Read More >>

Frank Miller’s Giving the Man of Steel Another New Origin Story in Superman: Year One

Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One took the detective who made DC comics the powerhouse that it is today gave him one of the most character-defining origin stories in modern comics that’s gone on to colour much of the way that we see Batman today. Now, Miller’s doing the same for Superman. Read More >>

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Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman Gets a 1990s Makeover in This Parody Trailer

The ’90s were a mixed time for superheroes on film and TV. Sure, there was Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, but there was also Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin. Then you had Lois and Clark: the Corny yet Harmless Adventures of Superman. So, you can imagine that Zack Snyder’s ultra-mega-dark Batman v Superman would have looked a tad bit different back then. Read More >>

Warner Bros. Is Looking at Matthew Vaughn to Direct a New Superman Movie

A sequel to Man of Steel has long been expected, but there hasn’t been much news about it thus far. Last we heard, the DC film was in “active development,” but that was eight months ago. Now we know that Warner Bros. has its eye on a certain comic book director to bring Superman back to the big screen. Read More >>

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New Justice League Action Trailer Puts the Focus on Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman (and Action)

I mean, I bet if DC and Cartoon Network could get away with calling this show Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman Action instead of Justice League Action, they probably would. Read More >>

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Michael Keaton’s Batman v Christopher Reeve’s Superman: Mash-Up of Justice

This fan-made trailer from Stryder HD makes a compelling argument that it would have been pretty cool to see the two ‘80s cinematic superheroes face-off on-screen. Read More >>

Why Superman’s Lame Disguise Might Actually Work

It’s been a longstanding complaint since the first Superman comics debuted in the 1930s: why doesn’t anyone see through Clark Kent’s lame disguise and realize that he’s really Superman? New research suggests that Kent’s trademark glasses actually might work as a disguise—at least around people who don’t know him well. Read More >>

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Cyclist Goes Full Superman, Beats Everyone

Pro tip to cyclists: sailing through the air horizontally while gripping your handlebars for dear life is the most efficient way downhill. Read More >>

Either Henry Cavill is Trolling Us, or Superman is Getting a Costume Tweak in Justice League

Given what he went through in Batman v Superman, if it’s the update to the Superman costume we think it is, it’d make sense. If it isn’t, then we’re being fooled by an Instagram filter and in that case god damn you, Henry Cavill, you sneaky devil. Read More >>

This, Um, Unfortunate Supergirl Ad Is Totally Fake

Do you notice anything weird about this ad for the new season of Supergirl that’s coming out in October? Look closer... Read More >>