Superman and Lois is Officially Up, Up and Away

It’s time for the working parents of the world to have their own superhero show. US network the CW has announced that Superman and Lois, which centres around Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch’s portrayals of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, has been picked up for a full series. Read More >>

Crisis on Infinite Earths for Infinite Dummies

There are three types of people in this weird world of ours: people who are losing their minds with excitement for the Arrowverse’s imminent Crisis on Infinite Earths; people who are interested in DC’s epic, live-action superhero crossover event but don’t know enough about all the comics and continuity to understand or enjoy it; and the people who don’t give a monkey's. But all of those people should be interested – very interested – and you will be too after you read this guide, which will also help get you up to super-speed on the greatest comic book TV event ever. (First group, you may go about your business.) Read More >>

Weirdly Enough, the UK Won’t Get All of Crisis on Infinite Earths

skyIt’s sort of like how American English takes the letter “u” out of perfectly good words like it’s some kind of upstart revolutionary, but this time, it’s inverse, and we're taking out... Batwoman? Read More >>

Crisis Just Shared a Bunch of New Photos, Including Our First Look at Kevin Conroy’s Live-Action Batman

It’s great that the CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths is bringing back different actors who played various incarnations of Superman and Lois Lane, and that the event’s digging deep into WB history to give Smallville and Birds of Prey stans the kind of fan service they could scarcely dream of. But what everyone’s really hyped to see is Kevin Conroy as live-action Batman. Read More >>

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The Daily Bugle is on the Hunt for a Major Scoop in its Very Own Comic Book

Two-thousand nineteen: A bad year for the media, by and large. Venture capitalists running amok, local news structures being torn apart and shut down, institutions being reshaped and ruined by the influence of massive tech companies like Facebook and Google. That’s the real world, at least. In superhero comics? It’s never been a better time, apparently. Read More >>

Tom Welling Will Play Superman Once More in Crisis on Infinite Earths

It’s finally happening. After spending the entirety of Smallville teasing it, Tom Welling’s Superman is becoming the Man of Tomorrow, thanks to a trip to the Arrow universe. Read More >>

Superman is Not Great at Leisure Time in This Cute Parody

Taking a day off is an important part of self care. Doing things you’re behind on, pursuing your hobbies, getting a little extra sleep. Everyone needs that. If you can’t take care of yourself, you’ll struggle to support others. Even Superman needs a break. Read More >>

James Gunn Says That a Brightburn Sequel Might Be on the Table After All

Brightburn certainly felt like the start of something. While a bit uneven, the super-horror flick had the potential to be filled out with a more complex, engaging sequel. Read More >>

Check Out These Lush Storyboards From JJ Abrams’s Cancelled Superman Movie

Peter Ramsey directed Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, but he was earlier involved in a much different superhero project. As a storyboard artist, Ramsey worked with JJ Abrams on his (wild) unmade Superman movie, Superman: Flyby. Read More >>

Brightburn Is an Entertaining Superhero Horror Story Told in a Very Clunky Way

The biggest compliment I can give Brightburn is that, when it ended, I would have sat through a sequel immediately. It’s a film that blends two popular genres to create a scenario and world that are fascinating and terrifying, and you instantly want to learn more about them. Unfortunately, all of that is sprinkled around the edges of a poorly told story. Read More >>

No, Zack Snyder Never Seriously Considered Making Batman and Superman Stepbrothers

The Martha thing was bad enough—but, if you believe the internet right now, it could have been a lot worse. Read More >>

DC Universe Confirms Superboy’s Casting on Titans

We already knew DC Universe’s Titans was getting a second season. And, if you watched the entire finale episode of season one, you already had a very good idea of at least one new character joining the ensemble. Now, it’s confirmed, with a casting announcement for Superboy. Read More >>

The CW Seems to Think We Really Like Richard Donner’s Superman

Can you read my mind? Do you know what it is that you do to me, the CW? Here I am, like a kid out of school, wondering why you’re a fool. Read More >>