Asda Tests Sustainability Store With Self-Filling Vending Foods Galore

Asda is preparing to see all manner of dried foods trod into the floor of its branch in Leeds, as a trial of big brand vending machines and endless refillable tubs is coming to see if we really can hack a future where everything doesn't come in plastic wrapping, inside a cardboard box, with wrapping around that too. Read More >>

Morrisons Begins Selling Mystery Loot Boxes of Unsold Foods for £3

Morrisons supermarket has come up with another idea for a way to shift miscellaneous unsold vegetables getting perilously near their best before dates; bundling them up in boxes with other, more tempting products and selling the lot off for £3. Read More >>

Morrisons Attempts to Make Ready Meals More Socially Acceptable

Those sad evenings when it's a microwaved meal-for-one eaten straight out of the black plastic tray might soon not come with such a high emotional burden to carry in the hours afterwards, as supermarket Morrisons has pledged to remove the non-recyclable food containers from across its entire range of ready meals. Read More >>

Morrisons Brings Back the String Bag

Supermarket Morrisons is trying to do another worthy environmental thing to get its brand in the news, with today seeing the launch of a trial of string bags in four of its outlets. You know, like in the olden days, when it was fine to be racist on the telly and there were special shops that only sold vegetables. Read More >>

Tesco is Closing its Jack’s Supermarkets Already

Tesco is closing down a Jack's supermarket little more than a year since launching its new cheapo sub-brand, with the discount food warehouse in Rawtenstall getting the chop to be replaced by... a normal Tesco. Read More >>

Iceland Boss Says the Supermarket’s Plastic-Free Banana Trial Did Not Go Smoothie

Iceland's plastic-free packaging trials have not gone down as well with its customers as it would have liked, and the supermarket is bringing back plastic. Read More >>

Tesco Started its Own Aldi, Now it’s Coming For Waitrose and M&S

Tesco doesn't seem to like being boring old Tesco any more, as in addition to its aisle-stacking budget spin-off Jack's it's now planning an upmarket version of the chain designed to compete with Waitrose and M&S. Read More >>

Some Tesco Stores are Closing Down Fish, Meat, and Deli Counters for Good

In a bid to save £1.5 billion, Tesco has been cutting jobs and has plans to close down meat, fish, and deli counters in 90 of its supermarkets across the UK with Quedgeley and Cirencester being amongst the first to go, reports GloucestershireLive. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Launches a Till-Free, Smartphone-Only Supermarket

There's a new variant of supermarket in [London] town, one designed entirely for people who would rather look at their telephones than have some stranger touch and scan their foodstuffs. It's a posh upgraded Sansbury's and there's no till. Read More >>

Morrisons Makes Paper Bags Available to Everyone

Remember when Morrisons said it would trial paper bags in 8 stores in Wales to see if they went down well with consumers? Well, they clearly did, because the supermarket has announced today it's rolling them out to all of its stores across England and Scotland. Read More >>

Waitrose Carrier Bags Have Paid For £1m Of Charity Projects

The 5p charge for a carrier bag might not seem like a lot, but evidently it adds up. Read More >>

Morrisons Has Random Box of Potentially Unidentifiable Veg for £1

Supermarket Morrisons, king of the wonky veg trend, has had another idea to shift decaying produce contribute to the health of the nation – a "Too Good to Waste" £1 bargain box of fruit and vegetables that are nearing the end of their advertised shelf lives, but remain edible enough to be roasted, made into soup, fed to the guinea pigs or taken to a sporting event to be thrown at enemy shirts. You could even eat them raw and tell everyone on Instagram about how it made you feel amazing, even if it didn't. Read More >>

German Discount Supermarkets Continue to be the Future of Food Shopping

Aldi and Lidl are the places to be seen this year with a trolley full of bafflingly cheap chocolate and booze that's probably totally fine at getting the job done, as year-on-year market shares for the pair are up more than ten per cent – and the traditional "big four" supermarkets have failed to grow despite their various Christmas adverts. Read More >>

Posh People Are Going to Lidl for Christmas and it’s Not Even Ironic

The UK's shopping scene may be changing faster than anyone could imagine, with the discount retailers like Lidl and Aldi winning over the smart tote bags of the previously loyal M&S and Waitrose customers -- even at Christmas, the most aspirational of ham-purchasing times. Read More >>