Set a Reminder for the Biggest Space Events of the Year With Just a Click

Things may not go the way you plan in 2018. Maybe you won’t get that promotion, or stick to your New Year’s resolutions but the universe will keep ticking away like a finely tuned clock. Things have already kicked off with “biggest full moon of 2018” appearing yesterday, on 1st January, and many other huge events are on the way. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution to keep track of it all. Read More >>

Get Ready for the Supermoon of a Lifetime

Entire lifetimes have come and gone without the moon looking quite as large as it will this month. On 14th November, skygazers will witness the closest full moon, or “supermoon,” of 2016. But more excitingly, it’ll be the closest full moon since 1948 — and we won’t get another one like it until 2034. Read More >>

After the Supermoon, Comes the Supertide

Many locations along the UK, US and Australian coasts will experience their highest tides for tens of years around September 29 or 30. Coastal roads in Miami, for instance, have already been closed in anticipation of exceptional tides. Read More >>

This is How Big Tonight’s Supermoon is Going to Be

Everyone's talking about tonight's supermoon—how big, bright, and beautiful it will be. It's always the same. But how big is it going to be, exactly? This image shows how much the moon size varies in the sky from its perigee (it's closest point to Earth) to its apogee (the furthest point from Earth.) Read More >>

19 Stunning Photos of 2014’s Biggest, Most Beautiful Moon So Far

This past weekend, the moon ventured as close to our blue marble as its orbit allows. Meaning that at cozy 31,000 miles closer than normal, that supermoon gave people one hell of a show. And fortunately for us, you guys caught it all on film. Read More >>

Show Us Your Photos of Last Night’s Giant Supermoon

Last night, the moon came as close to the Earth as its elliptical orbit will take it. That means we didn't get just any old moon—we got a ginormous, glowing supermoon that was about 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter than normal. Did you get pictures of the bright, shining orb? We want to see them! Read More >>

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Seeing a Deflated Supermoon Shrinks My Brain

That round mirror in the sky we call the moon got super-sized this past weekend but that doesn't mean the supermoon looked bigger from everywhere! Because on the ISS, the supermoon looked more like a squishy, deflated, pruny moon. Read More >>

Brace Yourselves for Impact as SUPERMOON Comes Close to Earth on Saturday

"Supermoon" is the overly dramatic modern way of telling mainstream sky watchers that the moon is at perigree this Saturday, meaning it's nearer and therefore larger in the sky than usual. Read More >>