year in review
The Fictional People and Things We Lost in 2019

This year saw some of the biggest endings in movie and television history. In Avengers: Endgame, a few brave souls sacrificed themselves to save the universe and Game of Thrones finally put someone on the Iron Throne...and a lot of people in their graves. There are a lot of characters to grieve over, and we’re here to sing their swan songs. Read More >>

How Fear Can Kill You

In 1942, physiologist and Harvard Medical School researcher Walter Cannon published an academic paper with the sort of title you’d expect from a direct-to-video schlock horror flick: “Voodoo Death.” Read More >>

giz asks
Why Do People See Ghosts?

You live and then you die and then you rot in a hole—or so say the elites, with their glasses, and their PhDs in neuroscience. This bummer reality has never appealed much to Americans, 72% of whom believe in some kind of afterlife. It’s a comparatively rarer, though still sizeable, breed of American who believe in some spectral middle ground, in which, instead of rotting or going to hell, you float around and freak out your kids, or the new residents of the house where you were brutally murdered a hundred years ago. Read More >>