The World’s First Supersonic Private Jet is Totally Going to Change Air Travel

Meet the Aerion AS2. It’s the first supersonic private jet in the world and it just got a 20-unit order from Flexjet, a private air company. It’s going to change the way some people (rich people!) fly because it can hit speeds of Mach 1.5, thus shaving down the hours needed to travel across the world. Read More >>

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How NASA’s Supercritical Wings Save Airlines Millions Every Year

Throughout the 1950s and 60s, aviation engineers struggled to overcome an important issue: That planes became increasingly difficult to control, the closer they got to the sound barrier. It wasn't until NASA strapped a pair of custom-made wings onto this fighter that supersonic flight became not just feasible, but downright commonplace. Read More >>

The First Supersonic Private Jet Has Huge Screens Instead of Windows

Windows are kind of a drag for airplanes—literally. They add extra weight, weaken the body, and generally slow down the aircraft; that's why the new Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet won't have any. Instead, passengers get to enjoy their sky-high surroundings on real-time, panoramic video screens. Read More >>

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This Nuclear Bomber Could Break the Sound Barrier Twice Over

Delivering a nuclear strike is only the first phase of a mission. Next comes the most important part: high-tailing it out of there before the entire area turns to glass. For crews aboard America's first supersonic bomber, getting the heck out of Dodge was done at twice the speed of sound. Read More >>

Five Supersonic Concepts That’ll Get You to New York By Tea-Time

The 10th anniversary of Concorde's last flight sadly means it's been 10 years since your average (albeit wealthy) Joe could travel faster than the speed of sound. Although Concorde isn't going to be taking off any time soon, these supersonic concepts might fill that sonic-boom sized hole in your heart -- and for a damn sight cheaper, too. Read More >>

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The World’s First Supersonic UAV Is Ready for Takeoff

The ability to drop bombs on targets a continent away can be a huge tactical advantage (even if just for sabre-rattling). Doing so at supersonic speeds, nearly automatically, is even better. That's why the UK has spent the better part of a decade developing the Taranis, one of the biggest and fastest UAVs in existence. Now it just needs to prove it can actually fly. Read More >>

The Awesome NASA Passenger Plane That Wants to Kill the Sonic Boom

NASA and its partners keep making progress in their quest to design a new passenger airliner that can fly supersonic without making a lot of noise, one of the main problems with the Concorde. And that progress looks space-age awesome. Read More >>

Red Bull’s Chief Engineer Explains Felix Baumgartner’s Tech

Felix Baumgartner's record-breaking supersonic jump was an amazing feat of human endeavour. But getting Felix to break the speed of sound caused Red Bull Stratos technical project director Art Thompson some engineering headaches. Here's how he solved them. Read More >>

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This Is What a 30,000HP Hybrid Rocket Engine Looks Like On Full Burn

The Bloodhound SSC, a British project that's aiming to take the land speed record up to an insane 1,000mph, showed off a full test burn of its brand new hybrid rocket engine, which spits out about the equivalent a colossal 30,000HP. This thing uses an F1 engine just to run the fuel pump. Read More >>

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Supersonic Jets Shatter Brazilian Supreme Court Building

If you're tuned into Brazilian national politics, maybe there's some sort of metaphor here. But for the rest of us, awesome video of sonic boom resulting in massive destruction!—these fighters just ruined Brazil's Supreme Court. Read More >>

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The Concorde’s Soviet Older Sister That Just Couldn’t Stop Crashing

When you think of super sonic flight, you probably first think of the Concorde. But that wasn't the first super sonic transporter and it certainly wasn't the first commercial plane break the sound barrier. Those honours belong to the Tupolev TU-144, the USSR's only super sonic transport. Read More >>