Apparently It’s Possible to Live in a Flat With Too Good of a View

A building boom of supertalls in New York City is resulting in some of the highest residential units in the world—we’re talking flats that are at a dizzying 90 stories and higher. So where does that leave the people who live in the former-tallest residential buildings? Don’t worry, they’re just fine in their 80th floor flats—because the view there is supposedly better. Read More >>

How NYC’s Super Skinny Skyscrapers Stack Up Next to the World’s Tallest Buildings 

Over the last two decades, a new type of building has invaded New York City: The super skinny supertall known as a “super-slender.” This new generation of skyscrapers range from 50 to 100 stories, are almost uniformly filled with luxury housing—and some are wedged into the city with astoundingly tiny 45-feet-wide footprints. Read More >>

This Super-Futuristic Skyscraper for Brooklyn Will Probably Never Get Built

An awesome-looking 73-storey tower planned for downtown Brooklyn could add hundreds of apartments to a city that desperately needs more housing. Too bad the proposal will likely be denied. Read More >>

This Twisting Manhattan Tower Will Have a Park on Every Floor

When you think of skyscrapers you probably think of pricey property — not leafy parks in the sky. A new 300-metre tower going up in New York provides a more interesting take: hanging gardens that twirl down the exterior of the building. Read More >>

When Will Dubai Fix its Burning Skyscraper Problem?

Watching as a 63-storey Dubai hotel explode into flames on New Year’s Eve and smoulder well into New Year’s Day, you might’ve been wondering the same thing I was: why do so many of Dubai’s skyscrapers catch fire? And how is it that this city can’t seem to stop this from happening? Read More >>

This NYC Skyscraper Design is Called Khaleesi and it’s Bonkers

The crop of new skyscrapers going up in Manhattan are very tall, whisper thin, and — yawn — rather boring. This idea for a supertall on the same street is a throbbing EDM antidote to the architectural elevator music that’s taking over New York City. Read More >>

Here’s Where the Tallest Observation Decks In the World Will Be in 2020

A crop of new skyscrapers are coming due over the next five years–and with them, nine new observation decks that will be taller than any others ever built. Read More >>

Nordstrom Tower Boosts Its Roof to Become the Tallest Building in the Western Hemisphere

Here’s the latest update for the current tallest-building contender in the Western Hemisphere: Nordstrom Tower, the superskinny supertall under construction in Midtown Manhattan, apparently no longer aspires to have the tallest spire in the US. But it just increased its roof height, meaning it will now tower above current-tallest Willis Tower. Read More >>

50 Buildings That Point to the Future of Cities

Most “best-of” lists for buildings focus on superlatives: tallest, prettiest, most expensive. For the past 50 days, The Guardian has taken a slightly different approach by compiling a stellar lineup of 50 great buildings in 50 different cities. The series serves as both a crash course in architectural history and comprehensive survey of where contemporary urbanism is headed. Read More >>

How Much Do Skyscrapers Actually Move?

The night Hurricane Alicia struck Houston in the summer of 1983, shattering high-rise windows downtown and stacking sailboats in the marina, there were two engineers waiting on the top floor of the Allied Bank Plaza. The 71-storey emerald glass tower—since renamed, and renamed again—had just opened that year. In August, its top floor was still unfinished. Unconnected wires dangled from the ceiling. Read More >>

How Engineers are Building Skyscrapers That Seem Physically Impossible

Stephen DeSimone, president of DeSimone Consulting Engineering in New York, is engineering a new kind of skyscraper. He’s working on structures unlike anything else in the world: Supertall buildings with unusually small footprints. Read More >>

Here’s the View From the New Tallest Building in the Western Hemisphere

The observatory atop the 1,776-foot World Trade Center opens next week. But the view from the tallest building in the US (for now) is not the only stunning vista that will greet visitors. Read More >>

The Secretive, Scheming World of Skyscraper Spire Design

To most of us, the spires that top tall building are an afterthought; a necessary extra, by no means interesting. But if you look closer, those spires are where all the drama has gone down, from the 1920s to this very week. Read More >>

Here’s What The World’s Tallest Residential Building Will Look Like

/the supertall race in Midtown Manhattan, New York, is marching skyward at an astonishing rate, with at least four towers on West 57th Street destined to be among the world’s tallest. Now we have some official-official images of the Nordstrom Tower, which, at 1,775 feet, will at some point be the tallest residential building on the planet. Read More >>