The Science is Mixed on Taking Supplements for Mental Health, Research Review Finds

A new large review of the scientific evidence suggests that most dietary supplements don’t do much to help people suffering from mental health disorders. Read More >>

For Men Who Will Try Anything to Get Taller, There’s a World of Grifts and Gimmicks

No matter how old you are, the website Height Maximizer claims it can provide you with “legitimate information that will actually help you become taller.” It features “height hacks,” alleged height-boosting supplements, and “8 Ways to Get Taller: Tips That Work (for Every Age).” Each page is topped off with the site’s logo – a picture of a bodybuilder and a bright red arrow pointing upward, and below it, the Height Maximizer tagline: “Puberty or Not, Here We Grow!” Read More >>

Chugging a ‘Mood Enhancer’ for Cats is the New Dumbest Way to Get High

Continuing America's rich tradition of semi-legal highs with embarrassing names and dangerous side effects, New Jersey police say they are now contending with people drinking something called “Catnip Cocktail” which is sold as an anti-anxiety supplement for pets. Read More >>

The Kids are Getting Brown on Raspberry Flavour Suntan Sweets

There's a bonkers new kind of expensive thing in a bottle on sale in Superdrug, if you can find it, going by the name of UTan Tan Gummies. They're like jelly babies that are supposed to give you a suntan, and they're so popular they're already sold out. The kids are out there right now, necking them and browning their tits off. Read More >>

A Popular Vitamin for Women is Skewing Medical Tests

As a science reporter, I’m a supplement sceptic. I know most supplements don’t work and that lax regulations mean that supplement makers sometimes put out products that are poor quality or even unsafe. Read More >>

More Evidence That Fish Oil Supplements Might Be Useless

You most certainly know someone taking fish oil pills—those fishy, translucent gold capsules—for their purported heart benefits. But evidence continues to mount that fish oil might be snake oil. At the very least, it doesn’t pack nearly the punch we once thought. Instead, it’s probably just worth eating actual fish, which is loaded with plenty of healthy vitamins and minerals. Read More >>

The British Weather Could be Damaging Your Health

Government advisors are set to tell us all to start taking vitamin D supplements, as official advice from health experts says it's too cloudy over much of the UK for our bodies to synthesise as much vitamin D as we need. Read More >>

What Vitamins to Take, What to Skip, and How to Know the Difference

Wandering into any conversation about vitamins and other health supplements is wandering into a thicket of hyperbole and half-truths. We're here to cut through some of the bullshit. Read More >>