Yellow Car Solidarity Drive Planned for April 1st

A man who lives in the cutesy Cotswold village of Bibury in Gloucestershire has been having a bit of a hard time of it recently, as locals have decided his bright yellow Vauxhall Corsa is an eyesore -- and have been telling the owner this via the medium of vandalism. Read More >>

Windows Phone
Yep, Windows Phone 9 Should Be Out Before Summer Next Year

If you were in any doubt that Microsoft's forging ahead with rapid Windows Phone iterations, this little snippet should put that to rest. Windows Phone 8 support will be canned by July 2014. Microsoft best have a new version for us by then, eh? Just make sure it's not 8.5 because that's a bit lame these days. [Microsoft via Plaffo via The Register] Read More >>

HTC Can Turn Your Phone Off and On Again From Afar, With LogMeIn Rescue

HTC has signed a deal with the maker of remote phone access tools LogMeIn, which will see future HTC Android models loaded with a version of its LogMeIn Rescue app. Read More >>