4G-Enabled Microsoft Surface 2 Gets Priced and Dated for UK Release

4G connectivity -- it's a god-given right of flagship mobile tech these days, right? Microsoft today brings its Surface 2 up to speed in the UK, announcing the May 8th release of its 4G-enabled version of the Windows tablet. Read More >>

Giant Surface Tablet and Dizzee Rascal Ruin Trafalgar Square With Unbearable Levels of PR Cringe

In the modern era of the over-hyped tech product launch, nothing says 'ad agency out of ideas' quite like paying some poor celebrity a couple grand to turn up to your launch and parrot some crap about work-play synergies and unleashing creative spirit [see: Alicia Keys]. Read More >>

Surface 2 Review: One Step Forward, Two Steps Behind

The Surface RT was Microsoft's brassy if ultimately flawed to drop a cannonball in the placid, iPad and Kindle-dominated tablet pool. It didn't quite work out. With the Surface 2, Microsoft is taking the opportunity to say "No guys, but really," with a blistering, scary sort of confidence. Read More >>

Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 Hands On: The Same (In a Good Way)

The first thing to notice about the actual Surface tablets is how similar they are both to each other and to last year's models. Aside from the Surface 2's eye-catching coat of white, the tablets both feel almost physically identical to their predecessors. That's a good thing; the well-angled bezels and overall high-quality feeling of the hardware was one of our favourite parts about both of the two Surfaces. Read More >>

Microsoft’s New Surface Tablets: The Upgrade Is on the Inside

About this time last year, Microsoft made some damn big promises about ushering in the future of computing. One year and two Surfaces later the future Microsoft's been dreaming of isn't quite here. Maybe the second time's the charm. Read More >>

Microsoft Surface 2 Coming to Lose Microsoft Loads More Money

Despite costing Microsoft an enormous amount of money already, the software giant is seemingly set to continue its push into Microsoft-brand tablet hardware, with benchmarks suggesting a Surface 2 is on the way. And it'll be joined by a Pro model, too. Read More >>

Screw Acer, Microsoft’s Already Working on Surface 2

After Acer basically threw down an ultimatum over Microsoft and its Surface tablets, now we're hearing that Redmond's already hard at work on successors for its soon-to-be-released own-brand tablets. I can hear Ubuntu calling, Acer. Read More >>