Microsoft Made Pricey New Surface Books, Including a Giant One – They Seem Nice!

Microsoft is finally dragging its ambitious Surface Book line into the present day, refining the striking design and making this a laptop you can covet for reasons besides that funky hinge. Read More >>

MacBook Pro’s Great Guts Save It From Microsoft’s Surface Book

Late last month, Microsoft fired a shot across Apple’s bow. With the Surface Studio and Dial and an updated Surface Book, Microsoft mace clear its plans to woo Apple’s old core audience of creative professionals—a group Apple has seemingly forgotten in favour of a more mainstream target. Read More >>

Only the Coolest Stuff from Microsoft’s October Live Event

Microsoft just wrapped up its October event, and as we expected, it wasn’t wall-to-wall hardware announcements like last year. Nothing from Lumia land. Radio silence on the Band front. Read More >>

Microsoft Juices Its Surface Book With More Power and Huge Battery Life

Microsoft blew our minds last year when it announced the Surface Book—and its crazy detachable screen. This year, the company stuffed two times as much processing power and 30 per cent more battery life in the exact same design. Read More >>

Microsoft Might Be Teasing a New Surface Book

These days leaks are a pretty standard part of tech development. Someone, somewhere manages to get a shot of something that might be new and posts it online for the world to see. And there are always the people just make things up for the lulz. Read More >>

Building The Surface Book: The Very Best Of Microsoft

At one point during the development process of Microsoft’s laptop-tablet hybrid Surface Book, engineers within the design team at the company’s Redmond offices were 3D printing new chassis structures daily — making changes to their designs throughout the day, setting the fast-prototyping machines to work overnight, and then repeating the same process the next day. For a company best known for the slow and iterative progress of Windows and Office, this is something distinctly different. And the hardware that it has created is something special. Read More >>

You Can Now Buy Microsoft’s Sexy Surface Book in the UK

YAY! The top-spec model costs £2,249. BOOOO! You can buy the Surface Book directly from Microsoft, or through the usual posse of retailers, such as Amazon, Currys/PC World and John Lewis. Pay day's only a fortnight away. Read More >>

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Microsoft Surface Book Gets a UK Price and Pre-Order Release

Microsoft's Surface Book – the Windows 10 laptop / tablet hybrid that looked like the lovechild of a MacBook Pro and OG Surface – is finally getting a UK release. From midnight tonight (12.01am on January 5th, to be precise) you'll be able to pre-order the Surface Book from Currys, PC World and the Microsoft Store. Prices start at £1,299. Read More >>

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The 20 Best Gadgets of 2015

Technology is all about progress. Sometimes it’s incremental or subtle, but other times it can be colossal and even transformative. In 2015 we saw a metal and silicone cornucopia of gadgets and gizmos. There were amazing deals, sad departures, brand new product categories, and even world-changing ideas. These are the 20 best gadgets from 2015. Read More >>

Microsoft Surface Book Review: So Good, I Might Switch Back to Windows

Here’s a crazy one. In the progression of gadgets to crawl from the primordial pool, Microsoft’s ambitious Surface Book feels like a punctuation mark. It’s a turn from the expected, and for me at least, it’s a computer so enticing, and habit changing, that I’m thinking—Hey, what about Windows? Read More >>

Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 vs MacBook Pro and iPad Pro: Head-to-Head

Microsoft is making a big splash with its latest gear, the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book. These pricey products are designed to compete directly with Apple’s traditional hegemony on premium gadgets. But just how well do these latest offerings measure up against Apple's efforts? Read More >>

Microsoft Surface Book’s Secret Nvidia GPU: What is It?

There’s an optional discrete graphics card available in higher-spec variants of Microsoft’s brand new Surface Book laptop; it’ll make the thin and light laptop powerful enough for a bit of casual gaming as well as demanding graphics applications like Adobe Photoshop. Probably, at least — we don’t actually know anything about it, and Microsoft and Nvidia are staying pretty quiet on the topic. Read More >>