Microsoft Surface Go Is a Cheap, Tiny Tablet That Might Just Beat the iPad

It’s really, really hard to find a good Microsoft Windows device for under £500. There are some diamonds in the rough — devices that sacrifice display quality or form or speed to get the price way down. Yet until today there was no clear winner. Microsoft’s new Surface Go could change that. Read More >>

Oh No, Is Microsoft Going to Make Another Damn Dual-Screen Gadget?

Maybe it’s the Courier part two, a new member of the Surface family, or the long-rumoured Surface phone, but whatever is being shown in a recently discovered patent filing by Microsoft looks pretty interesting. Read More >>

I’m Glad Microsoft Cancelled This Surface Mini

Look at that chunky monkey above. You might be inclined to think that’s a photoshopped iPad Mini in a really thick case. But you are wrong. The photo above is supposedly a picture of Microsoft’s Surface Mini—a Windows tablet that Microsoft reportedly axed just days before its expected announcement in 2014. Read More >>

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Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 Leaks Teases 7-Inch Devices

A "phablet" is the familiar portmanteau describing the popular desire to wrap a smartphone and a tablet into one package. The Lumia 1520 (pictured above) is an extreme example of the idea, a six-inch sweet-coloured smartphone that pushed the Windows Phone OS to its size limit. Now, Microsoft wants to go even bigger. Read More >>

Yep, Microsoft Killed the Surface Mini. For Real.

In an earnings report released last night Microsoft confirmed what many of us had already accepted into our hearts: the Surface Mini is dead. Read More >>

Surface Mini Rumoured for Summer Release

The imminent arrival of Microsoft's Surface Mini is more off-and-on than a light switch—but now, Evleaks reckons it's back in production in anticipation of a summer release. Read More >>

The Surface Mini Exists! (as a Mistake in a User Guide)

Last month's announcement of the Surface Pro 3 left a lot of people asking "Hey so where's that tiny Surface I was hearing about?" Rumour had it that it was cancelled at the last second, and now it seems like that was definitely the case; the Surface Pro 3 User Guide is littered with references to it. Read More >>

Microsoft Teases Surface Mini Launch Ahead of “Small” May 20th Event

It's been as long as two years in the making, but Microsoft's Surface Mini may finally be ready to venture outside of the company's labs. Microsoft has sent out invitations to a Surface event on May 20th with the tagline "join us for a small gathering." Yeah -- join them for a small tablet too, right? Read More >>