Windows Phone, Which Was Already Dead, Gets Another Stake Through Its Corpse

In October, Microsoft admitted that its Windows Phone line was pretty much totally dead after failing to attract app developers and its market share plummeted from 0.8 percent to 0.1 percent by t 2017, with even corporate vice president for Windows Joe Belfiore saying that he had switched to Android. Instead, the company looked an awful lot like it was transitioning to porting its own apps for the competition, iOS and Android, though Belfiore said current owners of its line could expect continued updates. Read More >>

Oh No, Is Microsoft Going to Make Another Damn Dual-Screen Gadget?

Maybe it’s the Courier part two, a new member of the Surface family, or the long-rumoured Surface phone, but whatever is being shown in a recently discovered patent filing by Microsoft looks pretty interesting. Read More >>

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Microsoft’s “Surface Phone” May be a Snapdragon 830 Powered Goliath

Analysis of Microsoft's plans for the future of its Windows 10 platform appear to suggest it has something small and powerful on the way, with potential tech spec requirements showing a world in which a mobile Windows 10 runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 CPU. Read More >>

This Week’s Tech Rumours, Smartphone Edition

As we inch closer and closer to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where we’re expecting smartphones aplenty, the rumour engines are currently cranked to eleven. New small iPhone details? MicroSD-equipped Galaxy?!!? Read More >>

Microsoft’s Apparently Scrapped the Surface Phone For a Surface Phone

It’s been doing the rounds on the rumour mill for far too long, but it just isn’t going away. Actually, it did, but now it’s back again. A Surface Phone is reportedly in the works, but it’s apparently very different to the Surface Phone we were previously led to believe was coming. That one’s believed to have been scrapped, but the idea’s still alive. Still with me? Read More >>