Microsoft to Replace Surface Pro Chargers for Free, Amid Overheating Reports

Microsoft has confirmed that it will replace all Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 chargers that were sold before July 2015. According to reports, the company’s concerned about overheating issues, though Microsoft hasn’t yet made reference to a specific problem. The company has, however, pledged to replace the power cords for free, and the recall is expected to be officially announced on Friday. [Verge] Read More >>

The World Finally Admits Microsoft Surface is the Shit

“It’s a machine out of its time, in a way. And a lot of us aren’t quite ready for it yet.” Those were our final thoughts on the Microsoft’s Surface Pro way back in early 2013; an impressive machine, but one that was too much future at the time. Well, the future is now, apparently. Read More >>

Microsoft Surface 3 Hands-On: Slim, Light, and a Real Computer

It took a couple of tries, but Microsoft finally had a critical hit with the Surface Pro 3. It was what we wanted the first Surface to be. It wasn't perfect, but it was pretty damn useable. But at £639 (and going up to £1,549), it's also expensive. The new Surface 3 is Microsoft's attempt to get in on the lower-priced action, and semi-resurrect the failed "RT" line. Read More >>

CNN Discovers Promotional Surface Pros Make Fantastic iPad Stands

Last night over on US news channel CNN, they weren't just covering the presidential mid-term elections. It was also a showcase for the Surface Pro 3, conspicuously placing a kickstand-bound unit in front of its commentators. The catch? They were actually just being used as iPad stands. Read More >>

These Portraits Were Drawn On a Surface Pro 3

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is all about the stylus, working with its own bespoke digital pen that gives the slate similar functionality to a Wacom graphics tablet. Measuring pressure with many degrees of sensitivity and presenting little lag between input and the appearance of a stroke, Microsoft wants to position the tablet as much for artists as spreadsheet-browsing workers. Read More >>

Surface Pro 3 Isn’t Overheating…But Microsoft’s Issuing a Fix Nonetheless

Microsoft says that your overheating Surface Pro 3 is not actually overheating, never mind what that thermometer icon on the boot screen says. Read More >>

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 UK Launch Set for August 28th

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 will be available in the UK from August 28th, the company has just confirmed, with pre-orders being fulfilled from that date. [Surface] Read More >>

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Has One of the Best Displays Yet

The key element for a great tablet has always been a truly innovative and top performing display, and the best leading edge tablets have always flaunted their beautiful high tech displays. Read More >>

Yep, Microsoft Killed the Surface Mini. For Real.

In an earnings report released last night Microsoft confirmed what many of us had already accepted into our hearts: the Surface Mini is dead. Read More >>

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Teardown: If This Thing Breaks, You’re Screwed

Microsoft's new Surface Pro 3 might be the greatest laptop-tablet hybrid that you don't really need, but what exactly lurks inside it? Fortunately, iFixit has torn the thing apart so we don't need to wonder any longer. Read More >>

Surface Pro 3 Review: The Greatest Laptop-Tablet Hybrid You Don’t Need

Microsoft's Surface Pro has sized up, embracing its laptop side in an attempt to unseat the MacBook Air as your computer of choice. The Surface Pro 3 won't succeed, but it's a damn good effort. Read More >>

Surface Pro 3 Pre-Orders Open Today With Prices Starting at £639

Microsoft is effectively leaving the tablet race with its Surface Pro 3, turning its attention to winning ground in the premium laptop space dominated by Apple's Mac Air computer and Lenovo's top-tier machines. Having been revealed last night, you can now pre-order Microsoft's 12-inch tablet-come-laptop replacement -- and the starting price isn't so bad afterall. Read More >>

Microsoft Finally Surrendered to the iPad. Good!

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is many things. It's thinner, it's faster; it's all of the superlatives that come when you out a New and Improved version of anything tech. It's also a white flag. Microsoft has finally accepted that Surface can't take on the iPad. But it might just be able to take the MacBook Air. Read More >>

Surface Pro 3 Hands-On: A Laptop Replacement That Just Might Work

The Surface Pro has never been a bad idea. One device that's both your laptop and your tablet! Sounds great! The problem was that it was just never quite either; it was awkward on both counts. The new, bigger Surface Pro 3 though, might have actually pulled it off. Read More >>

The Surface Pro 3 Has a Big, Beautiful 12-Inch Screen

The rumours for today's big Surface event mostly hinted at something Mini, but that's not all Microsoft is rolling out. The Surface Pro is also getting stretched into a larger 12-inch version for its third iteration. Read More >>