Microsoft Just Announced Great Upgrades to a Whole Bunch of Its Computers

Microsoft announced refreshes to three different computers today and it's proof the company is committed to manufacturing computers, and not just to periodically releasing glitzy overpriced products to showcase Windows. We’re getting the Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2, and Surface Studio 2, all with nice upgrades inside. Read More >>

This Is the Best Surface Ever Made, But It’s Still No Laptop

True hubris is a person trying to use a Microsoft Surface Pro like a laptop. It takes Mr. Darcy levels of pride to believe you can trust so fully in a kickstand and flimsy keyboard. The Surface Pro is many things, including everything from Microsoft’s attempt to woo creative professionals to a beautifully engineered device that wants to be a fusion of tablet and laptop. Yet it has never been the true take-anywhere device Microsoft has tried to sell it as. That kickstand and keyboard define it for many consumers. And now, on the Surface’s fifth iteration, the kickstand seems to have finally accomplished what it set out to do: bring the Surface as close to a laptop as it can ever hope to be—even though that isn’t as close as Microsoft might like. Read More >>

Microsoft’s New Surface Pro Might Fix Its Loudest Problem

Microsoft held a big Surface event in Shanghai this morning. While the event was basically impossible to watch in the west, with a broken liveblog and zero English livestreams, savvy viewers (and those fluent in Chinese) might have caught the big news: There’s a new Surface Pro. It’s been more than sixteen months since Microsoft’s landmark tablet-laptop hybrid saw an update. In the intervening time, Microsoft has seen a lot of competitors attempt to encroach on the 2-1 device space. While some of those clones have been aesthetically delightful, few have approached the slick combination of design and quality the Surface Pro delivers. So a refresh is welcome, and this year’s devices could fix some of the Surface Pro’s most annoying problems. Read More >>

Microsoft to Replace Surface Pro Chargers for Free, Amid Overheating Reports

Microsoft has confirmed that it will replace all Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 chargers that were sold before July 2015. According to reports, the company’s concerned about overheating issues, though Microsoft hasn’t yet made reference to a specific problem. The company has, however, pledged to replace the power cords for free, and the recall is expected to be officially announced on Friday. [Verge] Read More >>

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Windows 10 Hardware Event Rumour Roundup: This is Microsoft’s Next Generation

Think of all the hardware Microsoft makes that’s not a peripheral. What you’re thinking is probably getting some kind of update announced today. That includes the wonderful Surface Pro laptop/tablet, but also the Microsoft Band and two new Lumias (finally). And maybe even a surprise or two, just to keep us guessing. Read More >>

Lenovo’s Surface Pro Alternative Looks Like One Sweet Tablet

The new Lenovo Miix 700 is pretty much a clone of the Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3. Same size, same weight, same idea. I don’t care. The Surface was pretty great (minus some annoying flaws) and I can’t wait for someone to perfect it. Read More >>

Todays Dealz: Xbox One With CoD: Ghosts, Destiny and Halo, Surface Pro Tablet, Moto G 2014 and More

Are you looking to buy an Xbox One for Christmas? Well, the deals are hotting up this month which means you can turn your house into a bunker filled with crisps and cartons of noodles and ignore everyone's request to help them organise Christmas parties and the like. Read More >>

Surface Pro 3 on its Way?

A Microsoft update for Windows 8.1 mentions that it "adds support to the Surface Pro 3 camera." That's either a typo, or a big hint that a new tablet is on the way... Read More >>

Surface Pro 2 Review: A Little Bit Better, But So Much the Same

The original Surface Pro was many things, but chief among them was strange. Not only did it deftly—if not quite perfectly—straddle the line between tablet and laptop, but it also straddled the line between futurist ideal and problematic product. This time around the Surface Pro 2 is packing plenty of practical improvements, but as a concept it's still on shaky ground. Read More >>

Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 Hands On: The Same (In a Good Way)

The first thing to notice about the actual Surface tablets is how similar they are both to each other and to last year's models. Aside from the Surface 2's eye-catching coat of white, the tablets both feel almost physically identical to their predecessors. That's a good thing; the well-angled bezels and overall high-quality feeling of the hardware was one of our favourite parts about both of the two Surfaces. Read More >>

Microsoft’s New Surface Tablets: The Upgrade Is on the Inside

About this time last year, Microsoft made some damn big promises about ushering in the future of computing. One year and two Surfaces later the future Microsoft's been dreaming of isn't quite here. Maybe the second time's the charm. Read More >>

Microsoft Will Announce the Surface 2 on September 23rd

Microsoft just sent out invitations for an event in New York City on Monday September 23rd, two weeks from today. It will be showing off the new Surface. Which is to say, it's going to be showing us the future of Microsoft. Read More >>

How to Set Up Your Microsoft Surface Pro Just Right

At long last. Microsoft's giant tablet-shaped gamble has come to our sunny shores. With Windows 8 being new to many people, and the Surface needing a helluva lot of tweaking to fulfil its (buttloads of) potential, we thought we'd put together a guide to spare you the pain of working it out for yourself. Read More >>

Microsoft, We Really Need a Proper HiDPI Mode For Windows

If you ever needed a reason to spit out a proper hidpi mode, Microsoft, now you have one. Your very own Microsoft Surface Pro's 10-inch 1080p screen makes UI elements too small to be truly useable, but now Samsung's spat a 13.3-inch laptop display with an insane 3200x1800 resolution. That's an Apple Retina Display-beating 276.05ppi. 50 more pixels per inch than the Surface Pro. Read More >>

Microsoft Surface Pro Launching Here on May 23

Microsoft's higher-end tablet dream will be available in the UK next week, with Microsoft giving the folding tab a May 23 launch date. The Surface Pro will cost a stonking great £719 for the 64GB Core i5 Windows 8 machine, rising to £799 if you'd prefer the 128GB unit. You might want to read our Surface Pro review before investing that sort of life-changing sum in a thing to use to look at Twitter. [Microsoft Store] Read More >>