Microsoft’s New Surface Tablets: The Upgrade Is on the Inside

About this time last year, Microsoft made some damn big promises about ushering in the future of computing. One year and two Surfaces later the future Microsoft's been dreaming of isn't quite here. Maybe the second time's the charm. Read More >>

Microsoft Will Announce the Surface 2 on September 23rd

Microsoft just sent out invitations for an event in New York City on Monday September 23rd, two weeks from today. It will be showing off the new Surface. Which is to say, it's going to be showing us the future of Microsoft. Read More >>

Abject Surface RT Failure Cuts Another Deep Gash in Microsoft’s Accounts, Despite $1bn Extra Ad Spend

Microsoft has released new financial data that shows how poorly its Surface tablets have been performing, revealing that it earned just $853m (£560m) in sales from the tablet range last year. And it's already written off $900m in inventory discounts. Ouch. Read More >>

Flop Surface Tablets Smashed a £590m Hole in Microsoft’s Accounts

Surface is officially a financial disaster for Microsoft, with the tablet scheme making headlines of the wrong sort in its latest set of accounts. For the last business quarter, MS booked a $900m loss thanks to its latest spectacular hardware flop. Read More >>

Bloomberg: Qualcomm Chips Are Headed For Microsoft’s Surface RT

Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft is planning to give its Surface RT tablet an overhaul using chips from Qualcomm. Read More >>

run full windows programs on windows rt
Run Full Windows Programs on Windows RT, and Other Bits and Bobs

So you've got a Windows RT tablet of some description cos hey, they're cheap, and pretty handy for a lot of things. But there's a few things missing from Windows RT -- namely the ability to run even basic x86 programs, or Flash on non-whitelisted websites. We're here to change that, showing you how to run full Windows programs on Windows RT, among other things. Read More >>

Microsoft Surface RT
Now You Can Run Full X86-Based Windows Apps on Your Surface RT

One of the biggest drawbacks with the Surface RT is that it can't run standard Windows apps written for x86 processors. Well, that was until the hacking hive-mind of XDA had a go. Now there's a new utility for your jailbroken Surface RT that'll potentially let you run more or less anything. Read More >>

Microsoft Should Have Made a Laptop

Whatever you think about Microsoft's Surface Pro, it's impossible to deny its beautiful design, and the quality of the the tech behind it. It's a siren, luring you into an oddly metaphored whirlpool of unsure typing. I've been using it for close to two weeks now, and the entire time I couldn't escape one feeling: Microsoft should have made a laptop. Read More >>

Microsoft: Windows 8 Sales ‘On Par’ With Windows 7 Sales

Sales of Windows 8 PCs were pretty sluggish to start with, but according to Microsoft, sales of Windows 8 licenses have been decent, at least -- they've sold the same number of Windows 8 licenses as they'd sold Windows 7 licenses by this point, 90 days in. Read More >>

Microsoft Surface RT Windows Update Error
Microsoft’s Got a Fix Coming For Borked Surface RTs But Not Till February

Microsoft has acknowledged that it's managed to screw up a Windows RT update right-royally on the Surface RT, and it promises it's going to fix it, as you'd expect. Thing is, you'll have to hold out till February and update via the, errr, broken Windows Update. Hmm, this might be tricky. [ZDnet] Read More >>

Microsoft Surface RT Windows Update Error
Is Your Microsoft Surface RT Borked a Little Since the Last Update?

It seems despite knowing precisely what hardware Microsoft's got to install its stuff on, it's still not managed to iron out its notoriously buggy Windows update. Surface RT users are complaining the last Windows update has borked their tablets. Any Surface owners having issues? Read More >>

Surface RT Jailbreak approved by Microsoft
Surface RT Jailbreak Gets the Thumbs Up From Microsoft

Way to go Microsoft; this is the way to keep hackers onside. It's looked at the Surface jailbreak for Windows RT that lets you run unsigned, homebrew apps, and has declared it safe. Windows RT homebrew is go. Read More >>

Speed Up the Microsoft Surface RT With One Tiny Hack

Now that hackers have sunk their teeth well and truly into the Microsoft Surface RT, loads of things are being probed, including lag. Apparently, with a tiny registry edit, you can speed up the Surface RT no end and eliminate touch lag. Here's how. Read More >>

Mac OS on Microsoft Surface RT
Microsoft Surface Gets Jailbroken, Only to Run Mac OS

Microsoft's iron grip over what can and can't run on the Surface RT has been broken. Now you can turn the Surface into the iPad we've always wanted, running full-blown Mac OS. Read More >>

Dropbox Windows 8 Metro Modern UI
Dropbox Is Finally on Windows 8 ‘Modern UI’

Hooray, the Microsoft Surface just got slightly more useful. A Dropbox app for Windows 8's Metro modern UI is finally available. If you've got true Win 8 on your machine, I'm guessing you've already got the x86 Windows Dropbox app, but now you can have two. Awesome? [Windows Store] Read More >>