Here Are a Bunch of Fun Microsoft Surface Rumours

The year is winding down, and it’s very unlikely Microsoft will announce another major product, so naturally, we need to look forward to 2019 and beyond. Brad Sams of Thurrot has plenty of delectable rumours in his new book Beneath a Surface. Some of his claims about Microsoft’s product roadmap reinforce things we’ve heard before, while other bits are entirely new. Read More >>

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Dell Insists Its Canvas 27 Isn’t a Microsoft Surface Studio Clone 

It was only a matter of time before we’d see our first clone of Microsoft’s Surface Studio. The uber-expensive new desktop computer is part iMac, part Wacom Cintiq display, and all kinds of cool looking. But when Dell showed Gizmodo the new Dell Canvas 27, a 27-inch touch-enabled display meant for artists and other creative types, the rep bristled at the clone label. Read More >>

Surface Studio Hands On: Touched for the Very First Time

The first thing you notice about Microsoft’s new Surface Studio is the screen. The 28-inch 3:2 display is gigantic and beautiful. It’s so bright, vivid and engaging that I feel like I could dive in and go swimming in it. Read More >>

This is the Most Expensive Surface Studio You Can Buy

Microsoft’s answer to the traditional desktop computer is coming. And it’s expensive. Read More >>

Only the Coolest Stuff from Microsoft’s October Live Event

Microsoft just wrapped up its October event, and as we expected, it wasn’t wall-to-wall hardware announcements like last year. Nothing from Lumia land. Radio silence on the Band front. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Beautiful Surface Studio Is Coming to Kill the Desktop PC as We Know It

Desktop computers have come in two flavours for the last few years: boxes you plug into your monitor or TV, and all-in-one devices like Apple’s popular iMac series. Microsoft’s newly announced Surface Studio is the latter kind of desktop, but with a giant touchscreen and pen input too. It’s also the first desktop computer Microsoft has ever made. Read More >>