Telephone GPs are Cutting Costs for Private Healthcare Users

Some of the UK's private healthcare providers are turning to telephone GP consultations, in a move to make it easier and quicker for patients to get an opinion. Oh, and maybe to save money, but that's only a happy coincidence. Read More >>

Controversial ‘Head Transplant’ Doctor Claims Success in Animal Experiments

An Italian neuroscientist who wants to perform the world’s first human head transplant next year is claiming to have conducted radical spinal cord experiments on mice, rats, and a dog. Experts say the results are vague and incomplete, and that talk of human head transplants are grossly premature. Read More >>

Woman Has Heart Shaped Twinkle Surgically Implanted on Her Eyeball

Now that tattoos are mainstream and piercings passé, America's youth have taken to some extreme measures to make a statement. For Lucy Luckayanko of New York City, that statement comes in the form of a permanent, platinum twinkle implanted smack-dab onto her eyeball. Read More >>