The FBI Lets Criminals Walk in Order to Keep This Device a Secret

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is notoriously secretive about its mobile phone tracking tools known as Stingrays. Now, new documents obtained by the ACLU show how the FBI keeps its surveillance gadgets shrouded in mystery: the FBI makes cops dismiss criminal cases if they threaten to reveal secrets about Stingrays. Read More >>

London Police Can Create Fake Mobile Networks to Intercept Calls

London's Met Police has bought a high-grade mobile surveillance system, which can create a fake mobile network, fool your phone into connecting to it, then intercept your communications and track you via IMEI code. It is not messing about. Read More >>

How Spies Have Changed Their Game Since the Era of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

For a film that’s about covert communications, infiltration and espionage, there’s nary a peep of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy's gee-whizz spy tech on show for us viewers. But we know they were spying -- it was one of Colin Firth's most convincing roles, after all. Read More >>