Old People Value Money Less Than The Young, Despite Hoarding It All

Less than 10% of over-60s say they think money is the key to a happy life, which is no doubt vexing to the quarter of young adults who said the same – since the former has all of it. Read More >>

You Could Learn The Guitar In 3 Months If You’d Just Give Up Gaming

If we invested as much time into learning a new skill as we do videogames, we could all be multilingual musical geniuses, says a new survey. Read More >>

Everytime You Mark Customer Service Poorly in a Survey, a Kitten* Dies

If you had the power to fire someone random with the click of a mouse, even if they'd done nothing wrong, would you do it? Chances are, you may already hold that power without knowing it. Read More >>

Homosexual, Childless, Tea-Making Couples are Happiest, Study Reveals

A lengthy study by the Open University into what makes long-term relationships work has been published today, revealing that gay couples tend to be happier with their relationships than heterosexual ones. Read More >>

BBC’s Telehappiness Propaganda Campaign Convinces You EastEnders is a Good Thing

The BBC would like you to think that watching TV makes you happy. It's launched a Telehappiness campaign to chart the nation's viewing habits, which, if nothing else, should let us see how many trillions of hours a year are wasted staring at sad East Londoners in a pub. Read More >>

Engineering Students are Cold-Hearted Automatons

Academic research into the levels of empathy displayed by students found that engineering and science specialists have lower levels of empathy than those studying other subjects. They are meaner and don't care who knows it. Read More >>