Denmark’s Monster Wind Turbine Just Smashed the 24-Hour Record For Energy Production

A 720-foot-tall wind turbine featuring 35 tonne blades has just set a new world record, producing a whopping 216,000 kWh of energy over a span of 24 hours. That’s enough to power an average American household for twenty years. Read More >>

Planet Earth Will Lose Two-Thirds of Wild Vertebrates by 2020

Populations of wild vertebrates are on track to fall 67 per cent by 2020, according to a new report on the state of Earth’s ecosystems. It’s another stunning reminder of the scale of humanity’s impact on the planet, and a frightening glimpse into the realities of life in the Anthropocene. Read More >>

We’ve Devoured a Year’s Worth of Natural Resources in Just Seven Months

Today is Earth Overshoot Day—the day when humanity has consumed more natural resources than the planet is able to generate in a single calendar year. Disturbingly, this date is happening earlier with each passing year. Read More >>

This Is the Most Sustainable Office in the World 

It might not look particularly groundbreaking, with its full-length windows and timber cladding. But this is, according to industry standards, the most sustainable office in the world. Read More >>

This Super-Efficient Building High in the Rocky Mountains Has No Central Heating

The quest to build the world’s most energy-efficient buildings largely plays out in temperate regions or in big, heat-generating cities. That’s what makes this new building in Colorado so impressive: It’s located at high elevation in a location that gets about 90 inches of snow per year—yet, amazingly, it uses no central heating at all. Read More >>

Watch a Massive Solar Power Plant Take Shape in the Sahara Desert

Construction for the first phase of Morocco’s Noor 1 power plant is nearing completion. Once complete in 2020, the solar farm will be the largest of its kind in the world. But even now, the plant’s half-million solar mirrors are already visible from space. Read More >>

Watch This Magical Concrete Slurp Up 4,000 Litres of Water in a Minute

A new kind of concrete from the UK building materials company Tarmac instantly soaks up gallons and gallons of H20–simultaneously preventing flood conditions while also conserving water by cycling it directly back into the ground. Read More >>

Ikea is Buying Up Whole Forests, and So is Apple

Ikea bought 83,000 acres of forest last month. In April, Apple bought 36,000 acres. What’s the reasoning behind these retail giants buying their own forests? To manage them. Read More >>

Amazon’s Using the Heat From its Data Centres to Warm its New HQ

Downtown Seattle is being slowly consumed by Amazon-funded infrastructure, thanks to the expansion of its corporate headquarters—glass domes, bike lanes, streetcar improvements. Now the company has figured out an innovative way to heat their new buildings by using the energy generated by their data centres across the street. Read More >>

Six Brilliant Ideas That Tackle the Toughest Environmental Problems

Buckminster Fuller was a designer, futurist, and humanitarian. Each year, the Buckminster Fuller Institute honours the visionary's legacy with a competition showcasing ingenious solutions for global problems. Read More >>

Ikea is Betting Big on These Six Small Technology Companies

Ikea is one of the largest corporations in the world, and even the smallest change in its supply chain could have a gigantic impact on its business. After all, this is a company that uses one per cent of the world's wood supply. In fact, Ikea operates a whole venture fund devoted to emerging tech, from ice cream to batteries. Read More >>

The First Wind Farm Designed by a Supercomputer is Coming Soon to Mexico

Mexico is getting a brand new wind farm from a Spanish company called Iberdrola, and it's no ordinary field of windmills. This one will be the very first to be designed by a supercomputer. Humans: who need 'em? Read More >>

The Quest to Find the Worst Piece of Design on Earth

So many design awards seek to honour the smartest, the prettiest, the most innovative or responsible or sustainable. The Dead Prize, announced this week, wants to honour the worst—the very, very worst—that design has to offer. Read More >>