Swansea Gets Free Public Gigabit Wi-Fi

Swansea has been chosen to receive the very latest version of the BT phone box, with the new hardware offering all sorts of modern fun like USB charging, free local and mobile calls, and the chance to test your phone's modem like never before with up to 1Gbps Wi-Fi connections. Read More >>

Man Jailed for Preparing for the END OF THE WORLD (With an Axe, Crossbow, Gun and Other Stuff)

A Welshman has been sent down for six years, as a result of his obsession with the end of the world. 37-year-old Jeffrey Paul Lloyd, from Swansea, had built up a disturbingly impressive collection of weapons, including a crossbow, a homemade pipe gun and an axe, as well as a load of knives and pepper spray (boring). Read More >>