English People Rediscover Ancient Scottish Swear Words

March must be dictionary-buying season for some weird and long forgotten historical reason, as the boffins working for the Oxford English have released their regular round up of all the newly-included words we can expect to find in the latest editions of the famed word book. Read More >>

Art Installation Swears at Pedestrians as it Can’t Understand t’Yorkshire Accent

A piece of public art in Hull that uses voice-to-text technology to display messages has obviously gone wrong, because everything in the history of voice recognition always does and always will, especially outside of the south-east corner of the country. Read More >>

Swearing While Exercising Makes You Stronger

That internal voice you have that swears at everything all the time like your life is a Quentin Tarantino movie but without so much sexy foot action? It's helping. It's helping you to exercise better according to scientists, who found that muttering and continually saying rude words elevates physical performance. Read More >>

WTF? Samuel Smith Brewery Bans Swearing In Its Pubs

Next time you go for a drink, you might have to watch your mouth, as it is has emerged the Samuel Smith brewery has banned bad language in its pubs. Read More >>

A Study Claims All the Cool Kids Say “Fuck” At the Office

You know what’s no surprise at all? A survey (nationally representative of the US) of 1,500 workers nationwide found that younger people—especially women—swear like sailors in the workplace. Read More >>

The Science of How and Why We Swear

When President Obama signed the legislation for health care reform in 2010, his salty vice president, Joe Biden, was caught on tape telling his commander-in-chief, “This is a big fucking deal.” It made headlines, even though it should shock nobody that hey—sometimes politicians swear, just like the rest of us. Read More >>

Facebook’s Filtering Scunthorpe-Related Posts Because of the C-Bomb

Poor Scunthorpe. As if its ugly-sounding name and lousy football club weren’t enough for its inhabitants to put up with, they also face a seemingly never-ending battle against web companies. It’s emerged that Facebook has been banning users from promoting posts about the North Lincolnshire town, due to a rather offensive string of four letters. Read More >>

Manchester Council Has Banned Swearing in Public

Manchester's poshed-up riverside development of Salford Quays would like its residents and visitors to start acting a bit more gentlemanly seeing as the industrial premises have now all been turned into nice flats, with the local council introducing an order to ban public swearing -- on the peril of a spot fine if caught effing or blinding. Read More >>

Skype Translator Likes to Swear in Chinese

Skype Translator is an amazing feat of engineering, even if it isn’t perfect. But reports suggest that, in Chinese at least, it has somewhat of a potty mouth. Read More >>

The Sony Hack Caused Broadcast of Sweary Film

The massive Sony Pictures hack at the end of last year led to a pre-watershed broadcast of 1982 film The Verdict. Read More >>

Geo-Tagged Swearing Check Outs Redcar as Most Profane UK Location

Seaside town Redcar has topped a bizarre language survey, somehow managing to crown itself the swearing-on-the-internet capital of the UK. Read More >>

This Map Shows Where People are Dropping the F-Bomb on Twitter

If you've ever wondered which nation has the sweariest Twitter users, wonder no longer: this wonderful maps shows you where the F-bomb is being dropped right now. Read More >>

Russia Wants a More “Civilised” Internet by Banning Swearing

The chairwoman of Russia's Committee on Family, Women and Children wants to make the internet a less angry place by banning swearing, with web site managers given 24 hours to delete offending content or face punishment. Is Russia trying to one-up the Great Firewall of Cameron? Read More >>

The Origins of a Bunch of British Insults (Yes, Most of Them are Dirty)

Swearing is an art form, and us Brits are blessed with a vocabulary of curses, cusses and put-downs more well-stocked than most. But did you know that calling someone a berk should be much more offensive than it really is, or that the incredible 'nincompoop' is actually a legal word? Read More >>

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If Only All Adverts Had Swearing in Them (But Maybe Not Courtney Love)

Ads are pretty much all aspirational bullshit these days. "Oooh, look at me; don't you want to be me? All butch and muscular, with a full head of luscious hair and stunning women throwing themselves at you? Then buy this heap of turd." Well, one e-cigarette brand has gone another way. Swearing at you to tell you how f*cking awesome it is. Supposedly. Read More >>