Please, Stop Shitting in the Pool

Is there anything we love to do more than dip our diarrhoea-filled bums into recreational sources of water? Apparently not! Because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is once again warning sick people to please keep their literal arses away from swimming pools, lest they spread a hardy parasite called Crypto. Read More >>

Rare Mutation Among Bajau People Lets Them Stay Underwater Longer

The Bajau people of Malaysia and the Philippines are renowned for their free-diving abilities, often working eight-hour shifts in search of fish and other sea critters. Underwater sessions can last upwards of two minutes, with accumulated daily totals of breath-holding often reaching five hours. New research suggests these impressive feats aren’t the result of training, but rather, an example of natural selection at work—which, in this case, has endowed Bajau individuals with abnormally large spleens. Read More >>

Banning Mermaids Will Just Force Them Underground

A lady who describes herself as being a mermaid — because she owns the relevant wearable tail accessory — has claimed unfair discrimination by swimming pools in Bristol, which have banned her and her kind from swimming in the city's leisure facilities. Read More >>

Swimming Pool Uses Wave Machine to Break up Swimmer’s Vomit

Is this a great idea or not? We suppose it depends on if you were in the pool or not at the time and if your job involves being responsible for cleaning up sick or not. Unfortunately for Steve Wiseman and his two grandchildren they were in the pool at the time, and were not impressed by the improvised cleaning method employed by Cleethorpes Leisure Centre. Read More >>

Keep Calm and Float on if You Fall in the Sea

Flailing about and shouting for help while trying to hold your phone above the surface of the water is exactly what you should not do if you fall in the sea according to the RNLI, which says that if you accidentally plop off the end of a pier you should try to stay calm and concentrate on serenely floating for a while. Read More >>

Olympic Swimmer Phelps Wants To Get Into Tech

23-time gold medallist Michael Phelps says he would "love to get involved" with the tech world, according to an interview with . Read More >>

A Bellyflop Competition is Even More Brutal Than it Sounds

When swimming most people try to avoid bellyflopping into the water since it feels like 1,000 people slapping you in the chest at once. But in Oslo, at the official Dødsing competition, competitors attempt to bellyflop on purpose to impress the judges. Read More >>

We Finally Know Why The Olympic Diving Pool Turned Green

For nearly a week now a mystery has surrounded the Olympics and it wasn’t what country would reign supreme: why did those pools turn green? Read More >>

Officials Don’t Know Why the Olympic Diving Pool Turned Green (Also: Gross)

As the women’s synchronised diving teams took to the pool in Rio de Janeiro yesterday, they were greeted by a strange sight. The diving pool had turned green overnight, while the neighbouring water polo pool remained a crystal clear blue. This confused the Olympic organisers, media, and the internet profusely. Long story short: it’s most likely an algae bloom. Read More >>

New Tech Hopes To Improve the Technique of Olympic Swimmers (Without Doping)

With the Olympics officially starting and the swimming events guaranteed to set a few more records, you have to wonder how swimmers can continue to improve? Haven’t we reached the pinnacle of a human’s physicality by now? If we get any more good at swimming in the water, we’re going to continue doping, or we’re going to become merpeople. Read More >>

This £658 Wetsuit Promises to Make You the Fastest Swimmer

When you’re designing a shirt, it makes sense to cut the fabrics so that the wearer is most comfortable with their arms down at their sides in a resting position. But for a swimmer, whose arms are constantly in motion, Roka Sports believes it’s advantageous to instead design a wetsuit with an athlete’s arms raised and reaching for the next stroke. Read More >>

Speedo and Misfit Team Up For a Swimming-Focused Fitness Tracker

Misfit’s button-sized Shine fitness tracker is already waterproof to a depth of over 50 metres, so swimmers don’t need to take it off while training. But since accurately measuring laps is different than measuring steps, Misfit has teamed up with Speedo to create a new version of the Shine that’s customised to track underwater activities. Read More >>

virtual reality
This Virtual Reality Snorkel Sounds Like a Great Way to Drown

I've used a lot of VR headsets, but the tagline of Nautilus VR's new Kickstarter project scares the hell out of me: "Virtual Reality Underwater". Call me crazy, but that sounds dangerous. And yes, also a little awesome. Read More >>

north korea
American Swims to North Korea to… Criticise America

A 29-year-old American swam across a river to enter North Korea illegally, before avoiding prosecution and death squads by slagging off America in front of his guests. Read More >>