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Let Your Brain Take a Nap While This Guy Builds a Kickass Japanese Utility Knife

What a week it has been. Time to go into an elective waking coma while this guy makes a crazy-looking knife with skill and precision. Read More >>

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A Modern Knifemaker’s Badass Take on an Ancient Samurai Dagger

Modern knives have something distinctly badass about them. Maybe it’s the materials. Maybe its the sleek ergonomic handles. But they also seem to be missing the sense of personality and specialness apparent in the work of ancient Japanese bladesmiths. Read More >>

Real-life Fruit Ninja
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Real-Life Fruit Ninja Looks Like So Much Damn Fun

Yeah, I have to admit, I go through phases of being addicted to Fruit Ninja, especially competitive Fruit Ninja, but hell, this looks like so much more fun. What do you get when you give a fat guy a samurai sword, hurl fruit at him, and capture the whole lot in slow motion? Pure awesomeness, of course. [YouTube via TNW] Read More >>

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Watch Bilbo Get His Hands on Sting in This Latest Hobbit Sneak Peak

The Hobbit trailer train has well and truly left the station. But, now we're getting clips taken straight from the movie, including this one where Bilbo gets gifted his famous blue-glowing Elvish blade, Sting. Something tells me he's going to need it. Time to slice and dice. [TheFilmStage via TotalFilm] Read More >>

Man in Underwear Stabs His Computer with a Samurai Sword When Police Search for Child Porn

Florida doesn't get weirder than this: Kamil Mezalka, a 21-year-old man, stabbed his hard drive with a two-handed Samurai sword after the police stormed his house looking for evidence of child pornography. He apparently did all this in his underwear while the police were present. Read More >>